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If only libs knew who who they are picking this fight with. One that will end in a clash reminiscent of 1776. I grin at the thought. I took that oath to protect from foreign and domestic, don't think I'll second guess that domestic part. My motto is die first then quit. Molon Labe fools
People keep wondering, will our military and police tuen on us citizens. The answer is no. And he knows this. This is why behind the scenes of all the headlines he has sign with the U.N giving them rights to come in and enforce a U.N weapons ban. Our own will not turn on us. Just look people....sooooooo much happening here that's not making the headlines... And won't until it's too late.
Hover the American media is where? I'm sorry regardless of your party, this is a huge scandal and they are turning a blind eye. God have mercy on your soul, or not.
Not forward, but barack-wards!
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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

Saucony28 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 11:48 AM
A sheriff who has butted heads with this administration, has a single car rollover....not saying foul play was involved, however the fact that it raises that question is a reason to dismiss this administration from their duties.
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