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Sports Writer: The NRA is the New KKK

sauceman Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 7:03 PM
OMG! Who does this guy think he is? Doesn't he know that Hollywood celebrities are the smartest people in the world? Does he really think he can elevate his dumb jock self to the exalted position of Movie Star?? He needs to mosey on back to the cheeseburger joint. If the NRA was the KKK, his ignorant self wouldn't be sitting there pretending he has a brain or an opinion that he thought of himself. Puhleeez!
pandreason Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 10:55 AM
How about the New Black Panthers? Are they any better? Oh wait, never mind, they are Black so it doesn't count.

Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, the same writer Bob Costas based his ridiculous anti-gun halftime report on over the weekend, told CNN's Roland Martin yesterday that the NRA is the new KKK. 

Sports gets so much attention, and people tune out the real world, that I try to take advantage of the opportunity to talk about the real world when sports lends itself to that and try to open people’s eyes. You know, I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture – I believe...