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If you have a personal disability ( being 6'3) they sell seats for that particular need (with extra leg room).
I can assure you "kneeing the back of my seat" is not going to get the response you desire.
They should. When I purchase a seat, I expect it to function properly, independent upon anybody else's agenda for it , unless of course they are paying for my seat too.
I sure wish there were a good method in which to selectively exterminate them. It's obviously gonna get real messy we need to reverse the ban on the neutron bomb (or better yet ignore it outright ourselves) and perhaps re-think the unthinkable. ultra-smart bombs: those that can selectively target specific genetic material
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Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study

Satan2Liberals Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 8:07 AM
Nothing new here: facts and logic are ray-cist in origin.
Increasingly the American public is faced with the same dilemma faced by decent German citizens circa 1933-45.
Quite frankly our own govt is a bigger threat to each and every person's (life and liberty) in the US than the terrorists are. Unfortunately that fact often gets swept under the rug quickly when we discuss a psychopathic external threat. How do we protect ourselves from the external threat without simultaneously advancing the agenda of the more ubiquitous more powerful domestic socio-paths in govt? More govt power isn't the answer to terrorism either.
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