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Please deport me to a free country, Bahamas or Switzerland will do.
Seems to me a certain element of the population is engaged in and spoiling for a race war. I got news for them they'll lose, so if they think they have it bad now they're digging their own graves along with their sons & daughters chance at prosperity.
"There should never be rioting, but it happens when people are frustrated." There never should be wholesale shooting, but that's what happens when people get frustrated with rioters.
The obamacare surtax on income doesn't exist in PR.
19) If you have good character, you should feel ashamed of taking food stamps, taking welfare, or being on a school lunch program. ============ Not if govt itself is the cause of my temporary problem.
We can either fight the terrorists over there, or we can fight them here in our streets. ================= That's just non-sense. It's the govt's only Constitutional job to protect us from our enemies and that includes , invasion of our soil down to an individual. Beyond that, it's warfare the way it should be "kill them all to the point of genocide" if they will not surrender. Think about it. Giving them a target rich environment on their own turf is just stupid.
I work for the government. Well there's your problem right there. Wanna be a good steward of taxpayer money... a lil bit of tele-conferencing goes a lot further than than a plane ticket.
Your beef is with the airline not your fellow passengers. If you require more room than the accommodations provide,what does that tell you? It's not my responsibility to make YOU comfortable. I suggest you: 1) refrain from flying 2) grin and bear it 3) Purchase seats that are more likely to be comfortable to you. It's not that complicated.
I've known about the PR tax haven for a year now. Currently one has the choice of being limited to being unable to short or use certain option strategies in an IRA. Or one can have a taxable account where all (strategies listed above) get taxed as income. That minimum 28% tax bite sets the bar pretty high for a successful strategy. When I'm profitable after tax , then I'll know moving to PR and trading from there is a no brainer.
If you have a personal disability ( being 6'3) they sell seats for that particular need (with extra leg room).
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