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Redistribution of Wealth Popularity Not to Be Taken Lightly

sashamanda Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 12:53 PM
Good grief! While the US government is busy printing money, suppressing interest rates, maintaining a corrupt tax code, and manipulating markets to shift wealth from Main Street to Wall Street, you're concerned that a majority of people think the system is unfair?
tibby2 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 1:40 PM
You misunderstand why government is doing these things. They are not out to protect the rich. They are out to protect their power and dominion over the people. Liberals need the rich for two reasons: first, it provides them with a bogeyman to blame their failed policies upon and second, they need donations and taxes from the rich to continue their failed policies for it enables them to remain in power.

Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth. Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty. When capitalistic policies are promoted the middle class disappears into the ranks of the rich. When socialistic policies prevail the middle class disappears into the ranks of the poor.
Poesmom Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 2:25 PM
tibby2, your last paragraph there is the very best definition or description of the difference between capitalism and socialism I have ever heard. It's just too bad that half the country either don't believe it or don't care. The progressive brainwashing has been very successful.
jander Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 3:48 PM
tibby2 - excellent post! here here!
Mhadidia Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 5:01 PM
So what would you say we have here in the US? The only socialism I see in this country is for the to big to fail banks.

A Gallup poll released this week shows that almost 60 percent of adults in America believe that wealth is distributed unfairly, with over 50 percent saying that "the rich" should be taxed heavily to accomplish a fair distribution of resources.

This news coincides with reports that the economy may well be starting to sputter and with the nation once again gripped by acts of terrorism. The results of this poll are stunningly ominous for our future as a nation that in any way will resemble what most of us have grown up knowing.

This is how we got there.