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The Democrats and Elite Republicans have a solution to high un-and under-employment and forced retirement: adding millions more immigrants to the job market.
We are raised to think anti-semitism and racism are bad. But, increasingly, it is "cool" to excoriate Christians and even to remain silent when hundreds of thousands of Christians are slaughtered. As for Brantly and Writebol, the majority consensus on even conservative sites and including commentators, like Ann Coulter, is that these missionaries are selfish, "idiotic." and narcissistic people who are undeserving of compassion.
So, how many Tea Party incumbents were replaced by RINOs? What was the spending ratio between winners and losers? People don't vote for candidates they have never heard of. Republican voters aren't "wary" of tea party candidates; they are unfamiliar with the candidates. The odds are always with the incumbent. But, the margins are getting smaller --- both Roberts and Cochran won with less than 50 percent of the Republican vote.
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Amnesty Isn't Free

sashamanda Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 4:57 PM
Amnesty is better than free for those who profit by cheap labor and for "immigrants" who have an immeasurably better life nearly fully paid for (socially and economically) by middle and working class Americans.
It's hard to imagine Alexander losing if he has two opponents. Roberts most likely would have lost the Kansas primary except for a third candidate, who siphoned off votes from Wolf. Multiple candidates also assured Graham of a victory.
Thanks, Mark. I work with a number of charities, and I am humbled by the humility and genuine goodness of the missionaries I have worked with.
"Selfish," "hypocritical," "narcissistic," "misguided." "self-promoting," "idiotic"... Is this how we judge a man who left a comfortable life to work 18 hours a day in miserably hot, filthy, smelly conditions to try to help others? Whether you would leave your privileged existence to do the same or not, is Dr. Brantly not worthy of some semblance of respect for his "misguided" efforts to improve the lives of others?
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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

sashamanda Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 3:38 PM
Deport her. Now.
What is 35 percent of nothing? Those in the Chamber care less about the tax rate than they care about the tax loopholes that leave them paying far lower than the nominal tax rate and, too often, nothing. What a terrific barrier to entry; what a great competitive advantage. Not surprising that the Chamber and others in big business are spending huge amounts of money to flood the country with immigrants to lower their costs of doing business and raise their profits. This isn't "American business" or "free enterprise," this is crony capitalism.
Ryan wants to save money on aid programs and slash social security and medicare while letting 46 million --- mostly uneducated, low skilled --- immigrants into the country.
How do you run a convincing campaign about free enterprise and opportunity when you are a highly successful crony capitalist whose primary mission is to maximize profits by tilting the playing field and limiting the competition?
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