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I guess Ortega missed the vote last night in the House.
Oops, the House just voted to fully fund Obamacare.
Sadly, even if they knew, we'd still have the problem. Too many Republicans do what the Chamber wants regardless of the effect on the rest of the country.
Here's an idea: we could allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country virtually all of whom will qualify for aid.
Lou Zamperini was exceptional. But, there are exceptional men all around us --- maybe not as many as in the Great Generation, and surely not as many as we would like. God bless all those in service (military, police, fire, emt) for America.
The entire basis of progressivism is that government would be run by a group of "experts," like Gruber, who are sooo superior to the rest of us peons.
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Is Law Optional?

sashamanda Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 10:05 AM
"If people who are told that they are under arrest, and who refuse to come with the police, cannot be forcibly taken into custody, then we do not have the rule of law, when the law itself is downgraded to suggestions that no one has the power to enforce." This is the clearest, most concise statement of the cause of the deaths of Brown and Garner.
There's not a lot of joy in Mudville over this crony capitalist win.
The Chamber of Commerce wing of the party won big.
Great, everyone celebrate the newest crony capitalist congressman.
Yet, the House is apparently planning to fully fund Obamacare and amnesty into September of 2015. The alternative would be a short-term CR to allow for the new Congress to be seated giving Republicans a majority in both houses.
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