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National Review showed what corporate prostitutes they were in 2012. And Rove and his support of race-baiting and slurs in Mississippi (not to mention voter fraud), shows his sense of integrity.
If we get a candidate that supports amnesty/massive immigration and unless my traitorous senator gets primaried and replaced by a patriot, I'll be Sitting Out Sixteen.
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True Lies

sashamanda Wrote: Feb 12, 2015 10:07 AM
Different rules for different people. Isn't that what we have enshrined in law with affirmative action?
Baby "Open Borders" Bush has set out to crush the Tea Party --- the only remaining opposition to big government.
Well, "Open Borders" Rubio will never snag my vote.
And the entire point of massive "immigration" (from the Democrat perspective) is to provide a reliable source of votes for the Democrats.
Anyone who isn't brain dead knows NBC fails to tell the truth on a regular basis --- when the network does not lie outright.
You beat me to it --- Jones is a communist.
And the most shocking figures of all are the Obama approval numbers.
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Obama Versus America

sashamanda Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 10:15 AM
The problem is not just a vindictive president and attorney general; the problems are the media that covers for him, the members of Congress and the judiciary who either sanction or allow his actions, and an electorate that is so devoid of common sense and character that they continue to support the narcissist in chief.
They are just expressing their cultural values.
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