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I believe that every elected government official that fails to actively support their oaths of office and do not enforce laws that were passed and are currently the law of the land should be arrested for a felony violation and prevented from ever holding public office again.
I have spent much time researching illegal immigration since I authored "Illegal Imigration-Potential Policy Prescriptions" more than 30 years ago while in graduate school at Johns Hopkins. President Reagan said the Amnesty Bill on Immigration with the support of late Senator Edward Kennedy was the greatest regret of his presidency. The Democrat Party promised to enforce the enforcement articles contained in the legislation against future illegal immigratiion. As anyone above kindergarden knows the Democrat Party purposefully broke their word as soon as the ink was dry. The "key" problem is that legislators have purposefully made the decision NOT to ENFORCE the law they themselves passed. This will not change in the future...
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Random Thoughts

sasdigger Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 3:32 PM
Mr Sowell---It is always a pleasure to read your articles; such common sense in an age of ignorance from the callow tyro in the White House that uses any and all venues to shove it in the face of those who worked their way up from the bottom without the help of liberal deep pockets, minority preferences and the gullibility of the uninformed. The other day a stranger came into my wife's place of employment and asked her---How can you tell when Obama is LYING? Answer---when Obama moves his lips.
Senator McCain I was born abroad and became alegal American citizen. You are wrong! I remind you President Reagan stated his greatest regret as president was passing the Amnesty Bill because the Democrat Party promised to ensure enforcement of illegal immigration and they failed to live up to their word. Everyone in Congress, including you Senator should be held in contempt and jailed with a felony because every one of you lied and sat on your kiesters a failed to enforce the law of the land. Now you cry, sigh, those poor illegals it is time for them to receive another amnesty and then in a few years another amnesty, etc. How dispicable. You should be ashamed of yourself. For once let me tell you the unvarnizhed TRUTH. Both...
As a life-long Republican all I can say to the fact that IFF...the GOP does not cut SPENDING and hold the line then I vow to not vote Republican. mYou don't keep your word, then you are not any better than Obama and his leftist, Communist, europeanist socialist minion LIARS.
Dear Kepha---please do not forget Kerry being the Obama emissary to Syria to make it clear that the United States wished to be Assad's close friend since he emulated the best standards of democracy in the Middle East. Shortly thereafter we sent in a US Ambassador giving Assad stature and recognition from the United States. Finally, Senator Kerry is a champion of World Government and will support the loss of US Sovreignty at every opportunity.
Dear Marc_H---I just would like to add per US Marine Corps there were 250 cases of WMD use of poison gas in Iraq to poison his populace prior to the US going into Iraq under the second President Bush.
How about listing the states with out of control deficits? I am sure the chart would be reversed. In the good economic surplus years the northeast spent like there was no tomorrow rather than save moderately nfor the lean years by controling out of control spending.
I and my family have been Republican as far back as I can remember. However, any move , now, by the GOP to cave in the face of such egregious deficits that have bankrupted our national treasure is the signal to turn our backs forever on the "read-my-lips" CAVERS that are braking their word to the 2010 voters that elected them to cut spennding. Period. GOP, you cannot stand for nothing as we watch our Constitutional American Republic dismantled. Is there anyone in America that did not know instantly as soon as President Obama was going to give a televised briefing on the horrendous Connecticut elementary school shootings by an autistic and troubled youngster that the trajedy would be used to control guns?
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US Strategy in Mid East Pathetic Failure

sasdigger Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 12:53 PM
The Great Hillary Clinton, famous for getting fired from the Watergate Committee investigating President Nixon because her boss felt she went beyond the boundaries of her job and plain did what she felt like rather than following her job assignment. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, waved her arms and invited the Middle East to explode in the Arab Spring. Held a deaf ear to Iranians yearning to be free as they were tortured and murdered rathr than aknowledging and supporting the greatest cry for freedom since the French and American Revolutions. Sent John Kerry to Syria to befriend the Butcher of Syria Assad. Lets not forget that Hillary was directly responsible for murders in Benghazi.
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