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Liberals Think I'm Cute, Adorable and Filled with Hate

sarchibald-mcgreggor Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 1:41 AM
Those who do not respect our country that live here,can friggi'n leave!,..and that especially goes out to all athiest's,and other freak's of nature,..Go,now while you can do so freely,..
SpaceVegetable Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 12:42 PM
Being an atheist doesn't make one a "freak of nature." Yes, many atheists are ridiculous liberals pushing political correctness to the extreme. But most of us (actually, I'm more an agnostic) don't care about how others choose to worship their deity of choice. We simply don't want public funds being spent on religious things. I support everyone's right to worship as they choose, but also everyone right *not* to worship, if that's the path they choose to follow. There's too much hate on both sides, sadly. I just wish we could all respect one another.
Topeka Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 11:48 PM

you live in a bubble and have been unchallenged.

atheism as you practice it is a luxury ... which others have paid for in blood, and it will have to be paid for again since it dissolves the social fabric.

Mac wrote: Where is it written and enforced that we no longer have the right to say Merry Christmas? I don't even know George Soros let alone LOVE him! Would stealing money from clients be like Congress robbing OUR social security? Like trying to ruin the US Post Office so their buddies FedEx, etc. can take over? - in Mr. Crony Went to Congress: Subpoena Soros, Buffett, et al.

Dear Mac,

Christian beliefs in the public square are increasingly under attack.

Here’s an example:

The Connecticut Post chose to not put a "Merry Christmas" greeting in print on...