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Does Unequal Mean Unfair

sarchibald-mcgreggor Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 6:14 PM
Excuse me,..Where did all of our factory jobs go?,..Who produced most of the concrete that was used at 3 river's gorge?,..What happened to the construction industry?,..It was not me who decided to "leave"work.I was "down sized" Because i was Full-Time,and did not want to give up my hours.If you call getting 52 weeks of unemployment(which is not heard of)a gift?,there are med's for you.I went back to school full-time and looked for work.I also prayed for the industry i like to get back up on it's feet.That,was back in 06-07.I am closer to having my own business than before.There is not many choices out there for an educated,over 40 yr.old White male.I have looked.
If you and I have different incomes, is that unfair? Strange as it may seem, the chattering class is full of people who think equality and fairness are the same thing. Conversely, they assume that inequality of income is unfairness, per se.

In a study for the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), economist David Henderson demolishes this notion. Most inequality, Henderson shows, is the result of choices people make — including the choice to work — not the result of unfairness or accidental events over which people have no control.

For the moment,...