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Detroit Says "Thanks Joe" by Ripping Off Biden

sarchibald-mcgreggor Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 10:27 PM
Detroit IS hurting,parts of Michigan are doing better,..but,having Fiat owning Chrysler?,..Oh,and just 1 county in Illinois(chicago) is doing much worse,..they will be soon anointed the murder capital of the U.S. !!!,..way to go doh'blamer,..
William4422 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 10:49 PM
sarchibal-mcgreggor-Fiat is only part owner in Chrysler,the other partner is the UAW.The UAW will be negotiating a new contract.Question:how does a Union negotiate with itself,when they are part owner?

It’s a good thing that Joe Biden and Barack Obama saved the car company that saved Detroit.

Some Detroiters were so thankful that they stole some Biden gear that was headed down to the Democrat National Carnival. A U-Haul with Biden’s VP accoutrement was jacked over the weekend from the Westin hotel according to the Secret Service.

“Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the USSS,” reports ABCNews blog The Note “told ABC News the truck carrying equipment was stolen between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning at the Westin Hotel in Detroit. He would not specify what kind of...