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This Michelle does her homework!,..unlike the criminal-in-chief's wife(witchy-poo),..Hopefully,after they are out of the white house,they will be dragged into court on social security fraud,..
Kdlow,..thought that is what cows do when they move the kud from 1 stomach to anouther,,..Hillbillary has a number of reasons to not want on the ticket with the Criminal-in-Chief,..that's reason 1,..She's tired of the" brady campaign",and she realized that they woke up the country with the U.N. "treaty attempt",and it scared the vinigar right out of her,..#2,..She would have to give up partying,..not going to happen,especially with billhillary around,..#3,..She cannot stand the absolute clowns and the rest of the administration,..
When you are in a depression,there is no recession,..Kudlow,..what a flamin'leftist dill-weed,..
Putin,aka ras-pukin,is seeing how far he can push(in his mind,the wanna be)our criminal-in-chief,before he act's,..
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Obama's Verbal Kindergarten

sarchibald-mcgreggor Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 5:10 PM
Yep,they most certainly are.that is,not R & R,but the S&B(seotoro and biden),..or,is should that be B & S,..which they shovel any time they open their mouth;s,..
What drug's was his mamma on?,changing the boy's name from barry,to barack,..As for vp biden,eating a gallon of Nice Dream's(ice cream that has extra goodie's(drugs)in it)each day will make you sick,in the head!,..
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VP Petraeus?

sarchibald-mcgreggor Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 5:43 AM
Petraeus?,..the man let the soldiers out of the closet a year before the criminal POTUS did,..Mitty,would be out of his mind!,..Soldiers do not trust him!,now our nation's covert(off country)opp's are supposed to?,..and we do alot of work in the middle east,..Allen West is best!,..
It happened to me,back in jan 2006,but i fought it,and upper management(corporate),gave me 52 week's right out the box,..which,helped pay bill's and helped pay for school,..Been looking ever since,even drove to Vegas,nearly drove to phoenix,..but,the economy does not help even those who help themselves,..yet,i keep looking,because i was not brought up to take hand outs when you are physically & mentally ready to work,..
Do the math,when you figure every thing in,and,add disability,the 8.3% "unemployment" rate, actually 24.9% and slowly creeping higher,..The economy,well,the lack of available cash,has many companies "restructuring",..that's anouther word for "downsizing",..and that comes in 2 forms,..1)go from full-time to part-time ,or 2)resign(or give them a small b.s. reson to fire you,..You see, oddly, most have no problem paying for 26 week's of unemployment,because it get's 1 more off the day to day opperation's books,..
to listen,and so here we are,with a POTUS who does not take any responsability for his actions, see,he was part of that CONgress,and now,he's easily replaced Carter,nixon and the rest,as the WORST president in american history,..Add them up,& together,they do not hold a flme thrower to him,..Why,is it that the democrats used to"be for the little",and soon as they get in office,it's all about 2 thing's,..Me me me,and Spend spend spend,..the little guy's and gal's?,..See NOT a Dime!,.. lenders,..greedy one and all,royaly jacked this country,..and CONgress let it happen,,Country wide's CEO,got caught using sub prime loans,though he had already profited by his dealing's on the right coast,when hauled before CONgress,he'd already made deals with those who easily could have put him away for many years,but they let him and his 45 million dollar fine off the hook,if he told certain higher up's in Fannie & Freddie,..But, they didn't know he already had a deal w/BofA,..All 3 did not heed his warning's about how to play the game,& they got caught,..We are in a real funk,& you cannot blame this on Bush,..He spcifically told CONgress to keep Fannie & Freddie out of it,..The greedy DEMOCRAT'S refused
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