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He's just telling the truth, dopey. Opportunistic is not in the democrats' vocabulary, nor is honor or compassion.
It's really embarrassing to have a common criminal and street thug in the White House. This is what affirmative action ultimately gets you - totally incompetent, brutish thugs bringing down businesses, corporations and now whole countries.
Yeppers, get the dumb kiddies! If the democrats had their way, monkey could vote. Wait, they do already!
American Observor, Tuttle is just about the most committed, decent American posting in here. Drop dead.
Um, they don't exactly come out and say they're commies, fer chrissakes! Hell, most of them deny they even democrats!
"Sowed up'? Yeppers, another illiterate gorilla voting for de premnint Corpse Man!
Sage, I am an old man, too, but this I DO know. Bills and debt must always be paid by someone. In this case it will bt the younger generation. And if they think they can stiff the Chinese for this debt, they better think again because it will literally cost them this country. They (The Chicoms)will not be denied, and one way or other they will extract their pound of flesh from this country for the money they lent to those who refused to live within their means, namely our current government/.
At least we don't stop black people from voting and put bounties on the heads of innocent people like Obama's supporters do.
Love. at 21 years old you never give a thought as to just who is paying the bills - not, that is, until YOU start paying them!
It will be curtains for De Prebmint Corpse Man ob de 57 States ob Murcha if he can't get those kindergartners in his sandbox!
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