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CPAC Speakers Lineup: Who Needs Winners?

SARAHFARRAR Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 10:46 AM
With or without voter fraud, the thing that R&R were offering that the Low Information Vote rejected was jobs...Their career of choice is womb to grave total dependency on the institution of government. You know, the modern day version of plantation life -- the Nanny state; Big Daddy aka Uncle Sam. Have you tried to hire some of these voters? I have an do try and trust me.....they do NOT want a job.

The folks at the American Conservative Union did not get the memo about the GOP's painful election loss of 2012 -- so the group forgot that you win elections through addition, not subtraction.

Thus, the conservative's conservative organization did not invite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to its annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which starts Thursday. McDonnell has riled the right by agreeing to a tax hike, and Christie was too chummy with the president during Hurricane Sandy. To CPAC, the fact that these two men managed to win statewide office is just piffle....

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