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If no one here knows who Florence King is you don't know what you're missing. Go to Amazon.com and pray you can find her books. She is bright. She is erudite. She is conservative. She is funny. She is persuasive. She is a Southerner! I like Ann Coulter but---she is too caustic for me and that causes me to turn her off too often.
Never mind. Just saw it. It's himself.
Just wondering-----which God?
It wasn't Bashir's criticising of Palin that people objected to, you idiot, it was the obscene way he did it. He crossed the line. Period.
Well, I'd like to think that my letter to MSNBC/NBC saying that I was writing to Bashir's sponsors and would be boycotting their products had something to do with this ;-)
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A Truly Great Phony

SARAHFARRAR Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 10:22 AM
The astonished expression on Giron's face is due to her not being able to fathom that a CNN person questioned her-------softball lob that it was, even so, it's a start.
With or without voter fraud, the thing that R&R were offering that the Low Information Vote rejected was jobs...Their career of choice is womb to grave total dependency on the institution of government. You know, the modern day version of plantation life -- the Nanny state; Big Daddy aka Uncle Sam. Have you tried to hire some of these voters? I have an do try and trust me.....they do NOT want a job.
Oh. So, the GOP is not conservative enough for you, therefore, you're "defecting" to the Dems? Yeah, right.
ALL the Bushes are liberals.
I like Jeb Bush but still, he is a Bush and therein lies the rub.
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