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ATF Supervisor on Fast and Furious Whistleblowers: Take Them Down

Sarah_Higglesby Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 1:37 PM
Becca, then vote for McRomneu, OK? Vote for him, just like you did McCain. See where it gets you. I say this becasue you are the very same people who insisted on nominating McCain and shoved this loser down our throats as well. Choke on both of them.
rmiller Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:47 PM
You will make the RNC mad they will make anther RULE CHANGE Romney Obama are the same and then they call you stupid wow. GARY JOHNSON is our only hope
Becca in TX Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 5:48 PM
Sorry, Sarah-I know that you know everything, but I was not a McCain supporter. I also didn't support your guy, the Republican serial adulterer.
Daniel982 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 5:06 PM
In any political contest, it's the least unacceptable that usually wins the election, not the most qualified. In the contest between "o"boy and romney, the republican party has offered a candidate that rings so many bells on so many different levels that the primary rationale for voting "republican" (not Conservative by any means) is that romney could hardly be worse than obama.
Moose Hunter Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 3:11 PM
Wow! Sarah, were you schooled in stupidity, or are you a self-made idiot?
nmleon Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 1:54 PM
Ahh, another stealth Obama supporter posing as a conservative.

Late Friday afternoon, Senator Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Their concern? More ATF whistleblower retaliation. It has been well documented that ATF likes to retaliate against those who tell the truth to expose corruption within the bureau. Whether it's the case of ATF Special Agent Jay Dobyns, Vince Cefalu, John Dodson and others. However, it seems the retaliation is even worse than previously known.

According to the letter, in an eye witness account, ATF Chief of Public Affairs Scott...