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Salt, sounds good in theory until real live people start getting threatened and killed. BTW, where is Breithbart? Boy, that was a weird thing Roberts did!
Anne, you forget who is Speaker. Surely you jest, Newt left long ago.
Fighting with Romney is like having the enemy at your back.
Becca, then vote for McRomneu, OK? Vote for him, just like you did McCain. See where it gets you. I say this becasue you are the very same people who insisted on nominating McCain and shoved this loser down our throats as well. Choke on both of them.
Derfel, as a staunch conservative, I can no longer take these faux conservative in here who are constantly distracted from the really important issues with minutiae and ring-around-the-rosy fine points. The democrats snooker them constantly into arguing about the size of the rope they will be hung with when they should be coming after these bastards with canons! For instance, they are now even intimidating and corrupting SCOTUS justices! ------------------------------------------------- It is not for honor or glory or wealth that we fight, but for freedom alone, which no good man gives up except with his life. Declaration of Arbroath, Scottland, 1320ad.
You might find out the hard way, pal, when Romney loses. And I do mean hard.
BTW, none of this was meant to be humorous, Rick. The stakes are too hign.
Trouble is, Rick (our self-appointed thread monitor), the stakes are getting higher and higher and Romney is looking weaker and weaker. You and your like-minded pals in here are acting like this election will be a walk in the park, and you clearly won't tolerate any dissent from YOUR HOLY OF HOLY choices in Romney to take on this thug. And I have this "funny" feeling that if Romney loses, none of you self-appointed thread monitors in here will be around to say, "Gee, Sarah was right all along."
McCain will get to the bottom of this! Why didn't we ruin him again? Oops, we did!
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