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The Disappearance of Leisure

Sarah374 Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 11:16 AM
I agree that people need rest and family time. However, I don't necessarily think that there is a hard and fast rule that it HAS to be on Sundays. As a health care worker for the last 18 years I have gotten quite used to having my down time come on different days. It is hard when you first do it, but believe me, you CAN get used to it. Your family will be willing to celebrate holidays on a different day. You can still get together with your family on weekdays (take the kids to a movie after school. or if you're brave, keep the kids home for a "family" day. Or even better, get your housework/errands done while the kids are in school so you can devote an entire evening to just being with your children). Working during times other then the usual Monday - Friday 9-5 is not the end of the world people make it into. Plus, I have to admire a company that increases its business by trying to do something that is rare nowdays - give good customer service to its customers. What a concept.
So if a pedophile "loves" a 10 year old boy, I'm sure God would be in favor of that then, because "he is in favor of love." And a man that wants to marry three women, well if he LOVES them, then yep, it's okay. People need to understand something. There is right and there is wrong. And doing "what feels good" to you is not always right. God does not condone ANY kind of sex outside of marriage. Nor does he condone sex between those of the same gender. Both are a sin according to the Bible. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love those who breaks his laws. We ALL break his laws, and he loves us all. Still doesn't mean he condones what we do.
Plus, when she flat out lied about Pawlenty's stand on abortion in her run for the presidential nomination, I was done with her.
You are dreaming. Most of Minnesota is full of brainwashed democrats that know nothing about the candidates except for the "D" after their name. How else did Franken win? I'm not really a Bachmann fan in spite of being conservative. She said way too many dumb things and made it too easy for the "republicans are dumb" narrative that the media loves to spin.
Planned Parenthood at a Mother's Day celebration. Now that's irony.
Wow. He doesn't think he could have easily killed someone? He set off bombs - that's not what I consider a "nonviolent" person.
You don't think he's thought of that before? That's like telling a serious drug addict: "just don't use drugs." Easy to say when it is not a problem for YOU. Not so easy to do when it is.
If they really wanted "equal rights" we could just allow civil unions that give the same basic rights (inheritance, tax laws, etc) and call it a day. What they really want is to force everyone to endorse their lifestyle. When gay marriage is made the law, soon the lawsuits against churches and others that refuse to participate follow. They as a group will not go along with an 'agree to disagree' policy, we all must fall in line or be called bigots.
Social conservatives are one of the few groups that stay loyal to republicans. If you take away their reason to stay loyal, the republican party will drop even further in popularity. You can't cater to every group, you will always lose someone. You might as well stick with the one group that has been loyal to you. It is doubtful that you will pull any gay marriage supporters out of the democratic ranks anyway, they are usually true blue liberals.
So you speak for all of them then? You are SURE this won't happen? It HAS happened Allison, in Canada, in states where gay marriage is legal. Because the truth is that the loudest activists will not rest until all of us are forced to not only allow them to marry, but to fully accept their lifestyle as well. If they really just wanted to be able to marry who they wanted you'd think they would be happy with civil unions that bestow exactly the same rights and privileges as marriage. Then everyone could be happy.
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