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That girl was low-class. If she were white and spoke like that you would not give her a pass. Get over your race identity bias and get real.
Maybe if people like Al Sharpton and Jesse jackson wouldn't cry racism there would be no excuse for blacks to riot.
This will be awesome. Watch the crime rate go down in Illinois as there are more law-abiding citizens carrying guns. How will they deny those statistics in such a high profile area? If it is racist to require a license to register to vote then why isn't it racist to require one to own a gun?
The feds hve caused this problem..that is why they need to be involved
Liberals are daft!! Watch and see what happens when you push out the religious and politically conservative from the military. They will find that atheists and liberals generally aren't as willing to sacrifice their lives for others. The volunteer army WILL disappear. But, at least the few who are left in the military won't insult anyone who is gay. (Fun thought for you: Less than 1% of Americans volunteer for the armed services, approx 3million, and the majority of them are Christians - about a 1/4 are evangelicals. 4% of the US Population identifies as some type of LGBT and 1% of THAT number is 120,000. Now filter out for the old or unfit...just HOW many soldiers would be left to fight.)
Really? You don't get that. If someone mugs someone else the mugger obviously believes the muggee is inferior and the mugger deserves the muggees property more. Same with molestation.
How about the fact that kids can't wear a shirt that says "I love Jesus" on it, but the girl in the picture next to her can wear a hijab?
Check the encyclicals on all those topics. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is not the RCC.
If the politicians would stay out of moral matters then Christian groups would have no say in politics. Perfect example, the gay marriage debate. Marriage (all marriage records were kept by the religious community) was around long before government was. The GOVERNMENT involved themselves in marriage in order to collect taxes, etc. So of course the government was forced to create laws and definitions about marriage. The gay marriage debate has created the situation where religions must preach against the attempted modifications of their doctrine and dogma regarding marriage. Thus Christian groups were unwilling pulled into a debate to protect their beliefs.
"headed towards"? I think we have been there for a while. (Where is the thumbs up button...)
Let me ask you honestly, ablessman: Do you believe someone who finds homosexuality morally wrong should be forced to compromise their liberty? For example, the florist who would provide flowers to gay people but is getting sued for damages for not providing flowers for a gay couple's union, does than not subsume her liberty to the gay couple's because the gay couple felt bad?
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