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Happy New Year: U.S. to Go Over Fiscal Cliff

Sarah181 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 9:31 PM
They should keep their uesless butts in the chambers and pass a bill for America, even if it takes ALL NIGHT and ALL THE NEXT DAY. Others in this country work on these days, particulary when the job needs to be completed by a deadline. But this Congress is just deadbeats. Boehner having taking the House off until Wednesday reminds me of Nero playing music as Rome burns. Then again, Nero really set the fire, very similar to this so call Congress creating this cesspool of failure.

It’s official. The United States will go over the cliff tonight—at least for a little while.  The House announced they will not hold a late-night vote even if legislation cleared the Senate. Although it’s not confirmed, some sources are pointing to Obama’s ‘attitude and criticism of Congress’ during the press conference/pep rally he held this afternoon as reason for the adjournment. 

Earlier today, Sen. McConnell said that he reached an agreement with Vice President Biden on the tax portion of the deal, which calls for individuals making $400,000 and families making $450,000 to see their rates rise to...