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You're all hellbent on regulating women's bodies and choices to the fullest extent. . . BUT, by gawd, the government better not "infringe" on the rights of you guys to own assault weapons.
It's called CRITICAL THINKING, baggers. You should try it sometime.
This house of horror scenario will become commonplace if legal abortions are outlawed. HUNDREDS of abortion bills proposed in the last three months... This will be the new normal.
Oh brother. Unless you live under a rock, you would see this in ALL media outlets. It's out there. Next gross exaggeration, Clownhall....
We Christians all know the truth: Marriage should be between a man and his wife … and his mistress … and an occasional hooker or two … possibly ending in divorce -- you know, the traditional way as God intended it to be.
Oy, the inbred hillbillies are all here tonight spewing the most unintelligible, incoherent drivel anywhere on the internet. Pure entertainment!
LOL! You think this nation is 90% CHRISTIAN! What a dolt.
Kudos to Jim Carey. I'm happy to see he moved on from the anti-vaccs movement and found something that really needs attention: The BS of Fox News.
Gotta say. Jim Carey had a good one today; Fox news is "a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams." hah
Spot on. And never mind he can't support anything he says with FACTS.
I think Santorum was right when he said the GOP was the less-intelligent party. I read many blogs - both right and left. The level of infantile discourse, name-calling, projection, mis-information, and all out racism is mind-boggling on ClownHall.
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