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Erasing Reagan? The Illiberal War on Truth

Sanity102 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 2:04 AM
The second term of Obama, the attack on church and our gun rights, and the massive spending; the fault can all be laid at the feet of those who forgot the first lesson we learned in the playground and every where we go and interact with other people: loyalty, to family, friends, work, church...this is the foundation upon which we all stand--and survive.

The prospect of four more years of Barack Obama in the White House has caused several conservative voices (among them, The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger, Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer, and noted Ronald Reagan scholar Paul Kengor) to opine that President Obama’s second term portends the passing of the Reagan era, the reversal of his pro-growth policies and the attempted burial of Reagan’s credo, “government is the problem.”

None of this is news. It is a given that Obama and his fellow progressives reject Reagan’s values and philosophy. They will continue to try to expand government.