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When will we? As soon as that race card expires. As long as it can get it can give someone priority why change it?
mobilebay: it's not a threat; it's a fact. The rhetoric that comes off as racist don't only turn off Hispanics; it makes all other minorities uncomfortable. The ironic (and sad because America cannot afford to have the Dems continue to win elections) part is that only months leading up to an election do the conservative media and their minions start to worry about the Hispanic and minority vote--and worrying about appearing racist. Then the Dems bring up the losing issue of "illegals" and right on cue, some conservative will go on about Hispanics and the Dems start counting their votes and wins. Really, just how many elections do conservatives have to lose before they get it? If they truly are worried about border security, they need to talk about White Canadian border too. If they think that there is an illegal problem then illegal shouldn't automatically mean Hispanic. And finally if making illegals pay a fine is really amnesty, then everyone that pays a fine for breaking a traffic law had better say, "I was given amnesty by paying $180 for breaking the law. Since none of that is happening, Dems will continue to use this Achilles heel and like the race card, continue to shaft America with it.
I will say it again and again: the only reason why they keep pulling out that race card is because it works. The reply should be, we don't have employment data based on race. We hire the best PERSON and the color of their skin isn't even considered. Your asking me to actually look into an employees skin color is offensive. So is determining their gender or their personal religion beliefs or whatever. We hire and maintain a staff based on what they contribute to our company period. Then they should take that race card and like the restaurant guy who cuts up a bad credit card, they should destroy it and tell them, the card is no longer of any worth. Sorry. Only then will racism truly end in America.
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Now Introducing the Obama Doctrine!

Sanity102 Wrote: Jun 07, 2014 1:41 PM
I will say it again: none of this would have happened if the conservatives hadn't joined the liberals in bashing all things Bush and the GOP. The voters were given two choices: a party that demanded perfection and hated their own leaders and a party that liked and supported their own. As everyone in marketing will tell you, say it often enough and people accept it as fact. Conservatives kept saying how awful the GOP was; yet was surprised when Dems won? Until conservatives accept their demand for perfection from imperfect humans and their lack of loyalty among their principles are to blame for the American lost of fear and respect among other nations, it will never change.
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There Is A Good Case For Reparations

Sanity102 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 1:31 PM
The sad part is that Conservatives are doing the same thing: with Mexicans. They tell Americans that they cannot get paid a decent salary because illegals (aka Mexicans) are taking away their jobs. That illegals are keeping American children from a good education and from using hospitals and other social services. Go back a dozen years, and you will see the same excuses but with Welfare recipients. (Remember the guy with the six pack sitting around collecting welfare money?) Blaming someone else for the ills of a people Is as old as time. And years from now, Mexicans will also be asking for reparations. They will say that the land originally belonged to Mexicans and America, who "stole" California, New Mexico, Arizona etc. OWES them. Enough people. There IS a price to pay for victimization. ALWAYS.
Dr. Carson, don't you get it? Conservatives don't want to win. Conservatives (aka Libertarians or Republicans In Name Only) know their numbers are too small to win so they joined the Republican party, pretended to be the base and systematically tore down anyone that has any chance of winning. Why would they do that? They think that if the Republican party is destroyed, the Republicans would run to their party. That is why they keep talking about the Whig party and how from their ashes rose the Republican party. They do not comprehend that most Whigs were Republicans; they weren't some third party wannabes. Just how many elections do Republicans have to lose before they realize that the true RINOs are those who think compromise is a dirty word, is anyone's guess.
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Bush’s Big Government Legacy: DHS

Sanity102 Wrote: May 26, 2014 2:12 PM
I was wondering when the "Bush's fault" would rear its ugly head. And conservatives wonder why Independents want nothing to do with a party that eats their own.
You know what's really sad? How many people out there are saying; "This would never happen under Bush's White House"? No, to be precise, how many people who ran to join the LIberals in bashing all things Bush. This is what happens when people of "principle" forget "loyalty". The Liberals, like the Conservatives cannot win by themselves; they do not have the numbers. Luckily for Dems (and unlucky for America), Conservatives demand perfection and will join Dems when their politicians don't measure up.
And of course NONE of these crimes are committed by legals or citizens of America right? Get a grip here, the illegal immigrant (aka Mexicans) issue turns off voters and cost Repubicans elections. Just how many elections do Republicans have to lose before they get it that conservatives want Libertarians to win NOT Republicans. And since only about 3% of the voters agree with Libertarians, they will continue to LOSE.
Jonathanb: Both religions may be scum to you but remember that it is only one of the two that claims that you have certain rights, like being a member of a religion, having due process of law, and wait for it....FREEDOM OF SPEECH. To express such opinions in Sudan would get you...flogged and hung.
Annfan: Actually, even if this was about a gay person, the Left's reaction would NOT change. It's easy to attack when it's the "turn the other cheek" Christians you are attacking. Quite another if it Moslems who will kill you just for existing.
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