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2- Conservatives never learn. How many elections do they have to lose before they get the fact that they do not win elections; neither do Liberals. It is INDEPENDENTS that either make or break an election. Independents that does not agree with everything either party believes in. And Independents are not stupid enough to forget that they are ignored until the months leading up to an election. Conservatives do not understand that only elected people get to change things or protect ideas and principles.
4-Conservatives KNOW that Republicans have spent decades trying to erase the racism tag, yet they insist on going after illegal immigrants. Not the Asian ones that come via boat or the thousands that can and do come from the northern border where there are a great deal of Muslim communities and liberal Canadian laws, no they target brown Mexican illegals. Their “border security” concern is for one border, the one to the South. This is a LOSING issue that benefits Liberals and Libertarians bent on destroying the Republican party so they can take it over.
5- Conservatives, aka Libertarians can not win with their 3% so they pretend to be Republicans. The hypocritical thing is the worst thing a conservative can be called is a RINO for Repulican in name only, which is what Conservatives are. Notice they try very hard NOT to affiliate themselves with the Republican party? They say, I am a Conservative first and perhaps a Republican maybe third, maybe not at all?
6- Like Liberals who believe that the rich’s money comes from a pot that leaves less for the poor, Conservatives think that their taxes will go down if they got rid of social programs. The only thing that the demand for social program “reform” and social security age extension accomplish is losing votes for the only viable party Republicans.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

Sanity102 Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 5:15 PM
Let us hope not. Conservatives have proven they don't know the meaning of loyalty. No Republican politician that isn't perfect should ever run until The GOP gets rid of Libertarians pretending to be Republicans. Losertarians can't win with their 3% so they've entered the only other viable party and pretended to be the real thing. But notice they call themselves "conservatives" not Republicans. Jeb, run when the GOP has taken back their party. You will never be good enough...and when the time comes, they will crucify you as they did your brother.
After years of joining the liberals in blaming all things on Bush, why are conservatives surprised that Dems have not retired that get out of jail free card? One of the things people hate is a lack of loyalty--and conservatives tried and failed to excuse their lack with the "not drinking koolaid" excuse. Fact is Dems make it awfully expensive to attack one of their own while conservatives rush to condemn any politician that isn't perfect--as if such a person existed. This entire mess can be blamed on the conservative in the mirror. YOU forgot that there can be no principles with the first one taught to you by your parents: loyalty.
The problem is two fold. The race card only works because conservatives allow it to. When it fails to draw any kind of reaction except a rolled eye and a laugh, they'll stop using it. Second and conservatives won't want to hear this: CUT the Hispanic bashing. I don't care how you dress it up, when you talk about border security but mean only one border and paying a fine as "amnesty" when none of us feel that way when we break speeding laws, you feed into the idea that conservatives are racists AND you give Liberals one more race card to play.
Blacks never understood that civil rights would have been impossible without Whites willing to march beside and risk life and limb for them. But it is a card that continues to have purchase and one that will be shared with Hispanics as long as border security means only one border and illegals means Mexicans. I honestly don't know how many times we have to learn the lesson or how many elections need to be lost before conservatives get it.
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The Sudden Decline of Marco Rubio

Sanity102 Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 9:14 PM
Isn't it terrible? Rubio was just thinking of the rest of America....especially seniors who remember when a race had to show papers, when another race, born Americans, were put in internment camps, when people had different water fountains and places to sit based on race, when a wall was put up to divide--and cheered when torn town...voters who join their Hispanic neighbors in their abhorrence of the vile racial rhetoric. Rubio's refusal to allow the 3% conservatives pretending to be the base to make Republicans unelectable is shocking. Those 3% should leave immediately and form their own party. They then could elect their own candidates who will focus on getting rid of Mexicans. Of course they won't get elected to national office, won't be in any position to do anything about immigration, the economy, the military or protect gun rights and life but it's the principle that counts, right?
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I Got 30 Million Reasons

Sanity102 Wrote: Jul 06, 2013 3:01 PM
*German neighbors, not relatives.
So the new solution to all America's ills is immigration. This must be the same people who blame Bush for everything. Then wonder why Republicans keep losing elections.
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