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How's this for an idea? Evacuate all citizen, put a wall of national guard around the town to keep the "protest" from spreading. All media can exercise their freedom of the press from that wall as taking pictures of rioters may aggravate a potentially violent situation. All "protesters" must register and agree to pay for any damages to the town. That way everyone's "rights" are protected and the true aggressors are revealed.
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Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

Sanity102 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 12:40 PM
New chant: Hands up! LYNCH MOB. The race hustlers want "justice" as much as the KKK does swinging a rope. Racism is alive but it's not by the Whites.
Sigh, did conservatives not listen to the exit polls? Immigration was rock bottom on people's list of what they wanted done. This is an issue that has cost Republicans to lose election after election. In fact we are here because of this issue. Instead of allowing Bush to spend his political capital on the looming financial crisis everyone KNEW was coming, the one border security, give the fence a blank check conservatives insisted on shipping out millions of people. There was just no way that the American voter was going to swallow the idea that paying fines and going to the back of the line was AMNESTY. Everyone who has ever had to pay a fine for breaking a traffic law, NEVER felt as though they were being given amnesty. And everyone who saw border security meaning only brown skin, poor SOUTHERN border KNEW that it had nothing to do with security. So here's the reality. Conservatives pretending to be the base of the Republican party may destroy the GOP, but out of their ashes will NOT rise the Losertarian party. There is a reason why you people cannot win elections; most voters do NOT agree with you. So you can either put "stupid" aside, allow the GOP to put forward a bill that will secure the fence and put forth a path to citizenship, then go on to the issues that most voters care about, like keystone and obamacare. Or--you can demand what most voters will NEVER allow, busing of whole families back to Mexico, and watch the opportunity to bring jobs and destroy obamacare. Your choice.
We are facing millions of illegals getting real amnesty--all because conservatives can't get the difference between fines and regulations and amnesty. EVERYTHING from Obamacare, trillion dollar debt, lost of military respect can be laid at the foot of conservatives who demanded that Bush spend his political capital on illegal immigration instead of the stock market crash that everyone knew was coming. Dems did what they are supposed to do; they pushed their liberal agenda. Conservatives couldn't remember what their agenda was: spending less or giving a blank check to put up a Berlin type wall to the south. So now, we get another chance, will we speak the truth as everyone who pays a fine for breaking a traffic law knows, and not call it amnesty? Will we stop only caring about Hispanics months before an election? Nah, the question isn't has liberals learned their lesson; the question is has conservatives?
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Why You Shouldn’t Vote

Sanity102 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 5:22 PM
What? Someone with common sense? Well there's hope for us all after all. I didn't blame the liberals for the last 6 years because it IS what they believe in and wanted. I blame the conservatives who forgot the very first lesson taught by family: loyalty. Who on earth would want to belong to a party that turned on you the minute you didn't toe their line? I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is a reason that Libertarians had to pretend to be Republicans; they can't win elections. You have to make the team in order to win the game. This is common sense 101.
Whatever credibility Chapman had just got shot down. No one here will take any of his articles seriously. Eventually some care worker will have Ebola and be running around YOUR town, quarantine will be on a whole scale and Chapman will see freedoms being ignored and trampled upon. All because this one nurse couldn't be inconvenience for an additional 11 days--and Chapman can write another article explaining why her refusal to be inconvenient that set a precedence for thousands to be inconvenience and have their freedoms ignored was of paramount importance.
Sorry, flagged in error. Can't "unflagg"
Actually the people who owe GW an apology are the conservatives who forgot the first lesson taught by family: LOYALTY. The MSM would have never gotten away with any of the Bush bashing if their conservative counterparts hadn't jump on the Bash anything GOP wagon. The Independents, the ones who really make or break an election saw a party that had zip loyalty and wanted no part of that. A party that forgot that the BASE of America is UNITED. They excused it with words like "honesty" and not being "brainwashed". And they called for border security meaning one border despite the fact that to the north are two of the most radically supportive Muslim communities and a nation that just got shown for their weak security. They demanded that Bush spend his political capital on Mexican illegals--and now we have a president that will give green cards to millions of Mexicans. Actually, conservatives don't owe just Bush an apology, they owe America.
I agree. If anything, it may push Whites and other races to vote Republican just to stop the constant whining of "racist!" We didn't need a president or AG of of color, we needed people of competence.
Blacks and Liberals should worry; if things go wrong and some cops are killed, there goes the race card. As the beheading of 2 Americans made Obama go to war, the killing of cops will make Americans demand that Blacks be held to the same standards as the rest of us.
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

Sanity102 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 6:16 PM
A co-worker was telling us that her husband was leaving the family because he couldn't tolerate their 5 year old child. Apparently the child was given "time outs" for misbehaving. Only this was done with extreme caution as parent decided if the situation warranted it. I had the following conversation: Me: What happens if at the age of 11, he sets fire to a cat? Her: That would definitely require a time out. Me: But what if he doesn't want to go to the corner or his room? Silence. Me: Fast forward, he's now 16 and steals your car which he has no license for, what do you do? Her: He'll be grounded. Me: What if he says: F&&k you and takes the car anyway. Her: I'd call the police. Me: So they'd put him in jail; a sort of institutional "time out" Her: YES! Me: Fast forward to when he's 19 and he's robbed a store and they put him in jail. Only this time he's big enough to not be held and he runs away and they shoot him. Me as I stared her right in the eyes: You do realize that it will be YOUR fault because you never taught him that they can be consequences for bad behavior. Consequences that can hurt. If you began with a swat, quick and definite when he was little, then when he's too big and too old, just a look from you will do. Parents aren't supposed to be a kid's friend; their job is to get their kids ready for this world, a world that isn't always nice or forgiving. And fearing one's parents' authority is the first step to getting along in society.
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