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Obama, Romney Get Feisty in Second Debate

SanguineSoothsayer Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 7:30 AM
Mr. President, I was struck by the fact that you got "offended" over what folks have been saying about your so-called "handling" of the Libyan cover-up. Welcome to the club Mr. President. Many of us (if not most of us) are offended by your policies that have createe an environment in the world where 4 citizens would be murdered by terrorists. Puh-leeeeze, Mr. President. You are a charlatan and your administration is a sham and you should be ashamed. "The truth will out" Mr. President.

HEMPSTEAD, NY - President Obama was noticeably sharper and more aggressive in tonight's debate, as both candidates exchanged barbs throughout the evening.  Mitt Romney excelled by focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs, and repeatedly forcing voters to notice the canyon between Obama's rhetoric and his record.  Romney's strongest answer came after Obama attempted to apply lipstick to his failed record in office.  Romney unleashed a torrent of facts that pushed back forcefully against each and every one of those claims.  It should be cut into an ad as soon as possible.  Throughout the night, Romney was asked questions from the audience...