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Mitch McConnell Prepares To Give Barack Obama The Political Shellacking Of A Lifetime

SandyM Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 8:21 AM
Exactly, Ann. It was ridiculous that I as a small business person, had very limited health ins. options for my employees. Instead of being able to buy across state lines from thousands of ins. companies, I was held captive to the big 5 because of onerous rules and regs. On a personal note, we are starting our third round of changing ins. companies because of O'care.

Coming up next: a political Battle of Armageddon over repealing Obamacare. The Republicans are attempting to take the majority in the Senate. The Democrats ambitiously wish to take the majority in the House. All hangs on about two dozen races. Winning these races is not the main thing. It’s the only thing.

The main battleground in the fight to break the prevailing political stalemate will be the fight to repeal what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calls the “monstrosity” of Obamacare. Upon something like a plebiscite on Obamacare, and with it control of Congress, entirely depends on the fortunes of both...