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If I lived in NJ, I would be hot, mad. Think of the $$ wasted on this puny event. Even if true, big deal. But tax payers should be livid and then the tax payers' takers even less $$ for them. Democrats spend other people's money like it is other people's money!
NOT the Tea Party. The "facts" point to the Democrats!
I am unsophisticated and will even pay for one...Tis the Season!
I do have Hope. Hope that this fraud oVOMIT steps down and if he does not, then he is arrested, tried and executed for his sins to all America! I think we have lost the war already. Kids in school come out dumber and more entitled: pay for my 9 year degree in KILL all MEN to Heal Mother Earth. Buy my sanitary products, oh and my birth control. THAT is how dumb they are: kill men and still need birth control?! But the only battle I want to win now is getting rid of the fraud POS whose living off our taxes and his oinker wife eating off our tax dollars!! YIKES!
So do Sandy like.
An often consequence of these liberals, they are dumb enough to bring their votes with them. Never seeing themselves as those that caused these problems of high taxes, dumb kids and more regulation, they continue to vote the way they always have. Red states should set a law that if coming from a Non-Red state, no voting rights!!! ; -)
I'm off to Amazon to buy his book again: American Sniper. As for the dumb-butt, he should do exactly what was suggested in this article...Don't take the Lady's money!! Ventura does not seem too much like a gentleman, tho'. .
He is. It appears that the Military is wanting to "GIVE" him $345,000!!??? Is this Country so messed up that there is no issue of Right and Wrong, only Right & Left?? Giving him money is wrong, this is why the government needs to be small.
Yes, and I wonder if Chuck Todd & NBC have any real brains!!
Thank our Govmint Skools for making sure we are all atheist, stooid and think we are all gay therefore gay sex is safe. But, first year college students in Colorado can't pass an eighth grade exam!!
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