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Will we EVER hear these two sweet little words all America is waiting to hear from Obama?: MEA CULPA
"The conclusion, that anthropogenic global warming exists and is causing imminent climatological doom, has been drafted. And all facts, experiences, and studies are therefore proof of an unprovable declarative theory. Anyone who disagrees with them is a “denier.” Belief in anthropogenic global warming is, apparently, more of a religion than a science. " (Substitute "evolution" for "anthropogenic global warming" and the statement's veracity stays the same.)
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Is it Finally Over for Obama?

SANDY444 Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 4:17 AM
It ain't over until Michelle sings, and you drive a stake through his heart (if he even has one).
Obama. "Great Vision"? I always knew he had something in common with Ray Charles.
Mentally ill homicidal maniacs do not peruse legal statutes prior to committing their heinous acts.
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