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Freedom: The Unfolding Revolution

Sandy235 Wrote: Jun 14, 2013 4:02 PM
Great column. One correction: there is time travel. The direction is only one way and the speed is constant.
Actually he said he'd been to 57 states and was going to another one.
Once upon a time, the city of Chicago imposed an additional sales tax on the purchase of automobiles. When they went to the cities and towns surrounding Chicago and demanded that they collect the Chicago tax on cars sold to Chicago citizens, well to put it politely the cities and towns said no. Actually they said how are you going to make us? Collect it yourself. So Chicago demanded that the dealers report to Chicago about the cars sold to Chicago citizens, and again they were told no way. Eventually Chicago got the message that they had no power over non-citizens.
There is only one way that this could be made fair. First make the citizens in each state responsible for paying the sales taxes the state dictates. (These are the people who do actually pay the tax.) Second, release the local businesses from being tax collectors. This will make them equal to the on-line competition. Third, wait for the backlash. In my state of Illinois, I am tasked with paying sales tax on on-line purchases. However the state does not provide any guidelines as to what is taxable and at what rate. For example some "candy products" are taxable, and some are not based on the ingredients. So until the state provides me with the rules, I have no way of determining how much, if anything, I owe.
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Torture Helped Get Bin Laden?

Sandy235 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 11:45 AM
The end of winning wars started when the War Department became the Defense Department. The War department was generally small and only plotted ways to win a war. The Defense department became mostly political and tries to define ways to prevent war or mitigate the action once war has started. From them came the idea of no cross lines and safe havens for the enemy.
The only true way to cut federal spending is to re-adopt zero based budgets. That is, all budgets are set to zero, and the departments would have to point out the individual lines of spending and justify each one. Currently we adopt the figures from last year, and add a percentage increase, and then start talking.
Perhaps you will be over your hangover for tonight's speeches. Granted Christie was not his usual firebrand. But he was still dynamic and his points were spot on. I have not heard a bad speech so far, but that is only content. Some of the deliveries were less than stellar.
The term "take home pay" is only foreign to liberals and others who do not get a paycheck. In fact the difference between what you are paid and what you get to "take home" is far more important than what your full pay actually is. As far as abortion and birth control, that is the entire topic of the DNC convention. Let them have it.
Pickens was not looking for help with his windmill farm, he already had the land and the money to develop. And as noted he has a lot of natural gas for the backup generators. What he wanted from the government was the transmission lines to hook up with the grid. This is the most difficult and expensive. When he didn't get that he was pleading for the government to mandate the use of natural gas in vehicles and to create the nationwide fueling stations. Both very difficult and expensive. One would have to ask why, considering the administration's leaning, they didn't jump on this. Better to have someone like Palin as Secretary of the Interior, who has dealt with energy companies with drilling and pipeline issues.
As for New Jersey, they could make the residents responsible for declaring everything they buy on the internet and paying the tax due. While that would be legal, it would be devilishly hard to enforce.
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