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Should we be surprised at anything Holder does? He and Obama rule this country to suit themselves.
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Secular Stagnation Is a Cover-Up

sandrala2 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 5:45 AM
Kudlow is one of the brightest men on Wall Street! Too bad he didn't mention the damages being done by the infiltration of unskilled-labor and welfare-dependents from the south. (As I recall, Rome fell after inviting in all kinds of "Barbarians." The resulting Dark Ages lasted a very long time).
Nature efficiently produces energy to power living organisms but mostly via biochemical reactions. Looking to nature for power is a fine idea, Aiden!!!
Blacks killing Blacks here makes as much sense as Muslims killing Muslims over there...whatever for?
It never was designed to work, it was just the first step in the door of socialized medicine. The vets will soon be added to it, too...and even if its clear that the gov't can't even manage the VA.
France's latest leader Hollande is socialist to his core. But today, even "Socialist" France has had enough...his ratings are so low, he's almost off the chart.
When the Feds stopped including basic living expenses in their numbers, the reason was all too obvious. They do not want us to know the truth... We might panic!!! And of course they'd have to pay more COLA too.
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Slavery Reparations

sandrala2 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 8:12 AM
The "gimmee-gimmee" crowd is still hard at work...no matter what color. No logic necessary... "jes gimmee mo' an mo' of dat' money youse got."
After this latest episode, I'm beginning to think our President is seriously disturbed...
Never mind his wealth, that squeaky little man has a powerful hammer called Obama, who is in turn financed by Soros. Between them, these elite Socialists now rule our entire governing body. (The House isn't even allowed in the door.) Sadly, they only called themselves Democrats because we would never vote for Socialists in this country. We can look to Hillary as the next champion of Socialism in this country...and wait while they destroy America altogether.
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