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If Obama gets away without impeachment and accountability for all his skullduggery and associated scandals then Nixon and Clinton should be exonerated. They are choirboys in comparison! This crook is not for America!
O. should take notes so that way he will remember his lies!
Yes, but now they want Ambassador Susan Rice who is a part of the UN to be our Secretary of State? She had a compromise of corruption stance (U-Tube Video ploy) to protect the White House from covering up lies! Those who are against her confirmation are now accused of being racists? How can Rice be trusted? Where is the coward/traitor Sec. Clinton and her testimony as well as the cowards in hiding in the White House and their Statements and testimonies! Rice got orders from somewhere - 4 Americans were killed and why are we giving loans and monies to Libya, Egypt who are so at odds with our Government interests! WHY? Charity begins at HOME _ AMERICA _ NOT TO HER ENEMIES! WE have Soldiers who are homeless and unemployed!
The word CHANGE can be anything - depends what kind of change! That is why I for one would not vote for a man who runs on words and not facts or experience other than being a Community Organizer for the corrupt Acorn and a professional unscrupulous Campaign Organizer! Watch/rent the movie 2016 - gives some very good facts on O's childhood, family and background- will give some insight on where he is coming from and who he is! I found it odd that people voted for a man they knew little or nothing about - and no one stepped up and gave any info about him or anything like other past Presidents! I find it odd that he has his records sealed! WHY?
And we will not be able to have these conversations! Heil UN! Obama may be planning a dictatorship and use them as his henchmen! Hitler used thugs and felons in his beginning! As far as the economy destructing - that my friend is part of their plan - read about it in the "Communist Manifesto"! it helps set up their progressive PLAN which they think would be better than Capitalism or Free Enterprise!
Hillary is Marxist and a New World Order Advocate- they do not want borders at all - they want us like Europe- Hillary tried to pass a health care bills years ago behind closed doors and it was stopped because it was illegal. In the bills she wanted she actually was planning a medical type FBI and people and Docs would be arrested if practiced out of their assigned districts!
Definitely, we should drop out of the UN, but will our current leaders who are supposed to represent us will not drop out! Unfortunately, there are dummy Americans who do not even know current events (Benghazi) or the names of their leaders who run this country. Yet, they voted for the anointed celebrity President for false promises again- they will not wake up until O. really messes up, rhits them in their materialistic pocketbooks or a disaster strikes- then he will use Executive Orders, Martial Law and they will be thrown under the bus and maybe put in Fema Camps. with the Black UN Copters overhead! WE the People are NOT calling the shots anymore - we need GOD! Haven't ya'll noticed they want a Godless Society & put the State as God!
So what are WE the People doing about this??? It appears that we keep talking and they ignore us and do it anyway! They count us doing nothing, being passive and lulled by a false sense of security. Talk is cheap - we depend on Congress and the President coming to an agreement about everything - they never do - so are we doomed? Well, in my opinion it is time to look to GOD and pray because HE is the ONLY one I trust. This Government keeps misleading, lying, ignoring the People and does whatever they want and gets away with it. They keep telling us whoppers and we keep believing and giving them the benefit of the doubt - Benghazigate for instance! They are getting away with the Murder of America!
Yes, and we have a Communist/Muslim leader who invites and opens the door every time to them! Very dangerous agenda he has for the US! Many do not realize that the UN was started by the Communists! The UN want to usher in the New World Order and the US is their big nut to crack. Did anyone notice all the connections O. has had and has now are mostly Communists. The Muslim Brotherhood has not problem working along with them for now! Gee, we have Czars in the White House! Who would have thought!!!
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