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I am sure they do read them, but not for the reason many would think. These leftist ideologues could care less what the little people think, except as insofar as polls like these provide an indicator how successful their propaganda is working. To these zealots, wrong track poll results only indicate the need to re-double their mis-information, dis-information and propaganda efforts.
What's so double un-good about that?
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Menstrual Activism

SandMan16 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 7:54 PM
Of course, it goes without saying that if you see a picture of Fahs, you immediately understand why she has rejected traditional concepts of gender and good taste. To put it charitably, nature and/or her own slovenly attitude toward personal standards of appearance have served to render her non-competitive in matters of traditional gender coupling.
Another liberal hater I see. Disparages and disrespects anyone with a differing viewpoint.
...a Jackie Robinson, this man is not.
Sam himself has already demonstrated why no other team wanted to draft him. The moment the Rams selected him, the gay rights activist immediately began posting photos designed to provoke, making inflamatory accusations, and issuing vows for payback against his supposed enemies. Expect a non-stop pro-gay media circus to surround him until he is finally cut. And then, we can all expect to be treated to a never ending pity party about how he was never accepted by his team, the fans or the league.
Pro-abortion advocates like Pelosi are living a lie and full color 3-D sonograms are the proof of it. The dirty little lie they refuse to acknowledge is that any mother who would put the scalpel to their own flesh and blood after seeing their baby's image is more monstrous than Dr Mengele. But Pelosi and her butchers-in-arms know that few if any mothers do actually follow through with an abortion after seeing their babies in the womb. That is why they are so opposed to any regulatory measures that would require mothers to look at their babies before killing them.
Sorry Reagan, you lost me on this one. I understand there are necesssary costs associated with providing protection to the president and his family, but the frequency and scale of Moochelle's globe trotting reflects a level of contempt and insensitivity to the people footing the bill that she makes no effort to disguise. It's one thing for the president to bring the family along on an otherwise official trip, but it is quite another to repeatedly stage grandiose five-star international vacations that do not even include the president. This horrible excuse for a FLOTUS has made it quite clear she intends to soak the nation she never had any reason to be proud of until she was given the opportunity to shove her grasping hands into the public till.
Yee should be able to beat this rap. His defense will be that he was running his own Fast and Furious sting operation. Just doing his civic duty as any other good American would. Perhaps things got a little out of hand, but you cannot deny his intentions were good. Just look at the totality of his entire public service career before passing judgment. Eh, on the other hand, maybe he is just the two faced manipulating lying criminal he appears to be.
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