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Coulter can point to voting records all she wants, but upon closer inspection, those votes do not always add up. Those who are familiar with the DC shell game know how to pad their voting records in order to appear more Conservative than they really are. Ted Cruz exposed this game recently when he forced McConnell to stop hiding behind the facade of faux Conservatism, essentially forcing McConnell to go on the record with his vote for a debt ceiling increase. McConnell was hoping to use the typical "we have enough votes to cover the spread, so I'm going to now vote against this so I can brag to my constituents" shenanigans. Cruz called him out and forced him to cast his vote in broad daylight. This is why the establishment (of both parties) hates Cruz with a passion! Bottom line: McConnell has been in DC for far too long. He has been there so long that he's not just a RINO....he's a RINOsaur. Same goes for McCain. We need fresh blood who will refuse to play along with the sideshow.
For de Blasio an his Leftist cronies, charter schools might just give poor minorities the idea that they can pull themselves out of their predicament by their own individual effort. The Lefties simply cannot allow that very dangerous idea to grow within poor urban communities. How dare these charter school families actually think that they can make it without the elitist government masterminds approval! They must e taught that their role is to remain in their cast, where thy WILL continue to support their government masters. Dissent will not be tolerated, which is why de Blasio must make an example of these recalcitrant servants.
Where does he live now? Answer: the posh Upper East Side in an apartment that's worth $32 million. How many of "his people" are up in that neck of the woods? Why doesn't he still live in "the hood"? Lee is nothing but a racist, elitist poser who still portrays himself as being "down with the struggle," while he lives in wealthy White neighborhoods. Just another do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, limousine liberal!
It isn't just about the money. It's about rewarding law-breakers. They want to do it with illegal aliens at every opportunity, giving them free tuition, issuing them free IDs, etcetera and so on. And now they want to give a free college education to ex-felons. Meanwhile, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are left to fend for themselves. Remember the old adage "crime doesn't pay." Well, apparently it does! Also, what is ignored here is the fact that a majority of criminals come from poor urban areas that are awash in free government handouts. And how has that worked out so far?
Grimm is obviously a hothead with no class, and an idiot for threatening a reporter like that, especially on camera. must be noted that Obama is seriously threatening the liberty, rights, and well-being of ALL Americans every single day. Some citizen's lives are literally being threatened by Obamacare. The fact that Obama does it with a smile on his face doesn't make it any less egregious than what Grimm did. In fact, it makes it even MORE frightening!
Grimm is obviously a hothead with no class, and an idiot for threatening a reporter like that, especially on camera. must be noted that Obama is seriously threatening the liberty and rights of ALL Americans every single day. The fact that he does it with a smile on his face doesn't make it any less egregious than what Grimm did. In fact, it's even more frightening!
"I'll break you in half" is a term of endearment in certain parts of New York City! But seriously, not only did Grimm take the bait, but he swallowed the hook and jumped into the boat when he decided to threaten the reporter ON CAMERA!
Last time I took the PATH into the city, or drove through the Holland Tunnel, I don't recall seeing any check-points screening people for their political views. Who knows, maybe that's in the works! Perhaps you also plan to purge 55-60% of the population of New York State who live outside of New York City. I'm old enough to remember your father's tenure as governor. I was quite young, so maybe my memory is a little hazy, but I don't recall ever hearing him make such a ridiculous claim. He was a hard-nosed liberal politician, but would he have made such an extreme and reckless statement? There is "liberal," and then there is "radical leftist." Congratulations, you just officially crossed the line to the latter territory. And here I thought that leftists like yourself were all about tolerance and open-mindedness. I'm sure that's what you keep telling yourselves at your cocktail parties. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
My letter to Cuomo's office... Governor Cuomo: I heard your recent comments about "extreme conservatives" and how "they have no place in the state of New York." I felt compelled to write to you because I am one of those scary "extreme" conservatives to whom you refer. Let me share a little bit about my "extreme" self. I am a freelancer who is struggling to make ends meet with my wife and our little girl. I do believe in the sanctity of life. I support the 2nd Amendment. And while I am not "anti-gay" (I have several gay friends), I do not happen to agree with the radical left-wing, hardcore gay agenda. Although I do not currently reside in New York State, I did live in New York City for nearly a decade. I guess I managed to slip under the radar of the left-wing thought police for all that time. Excuse me sir, but who are you to tell millions of people that they do not belong in "your" state? Last time I checked, the Pope was a right-to-lifer as well. I hope he doesn't plan any trips to New York anytime soon! Speaking of the Holy Father, since your pro-abortion views are in direct conflict with Catholic doctrine, perhaps the Pope should inform you that you have no place in the Catholic Church. There would actually be much more validity to that assertion than there is to your ridiculous claims. (cont'd)
This woman obviously has aspirations for higher office, and she has also obviously been approached by some Dem bigwigs. If anyone is shaking her down, it's probably them! I'm sure she'll be rewarded with a speaking slot at a high-profile event, maybe the Dem Nat'l Convention! If she does have aspirations for higher office, she'll need to go buy a new personality. She has all the charm of a piece of driftwood.
So Zimmer claims that she was so horrified because she was shaken down by Christie in May of 2012. And yet, oddly, in August of 2012 she tweeted this "I'm so glad he is governor of New Jersey." Let me guess, Christie held a gun to her head and forced her to tweet that. I smell a rat! Oh wait, that's just a Democrat.
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