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It is my understanding that the Koran is a series of "revelations" of Allah to Mohamed, that it was written in 9 parts and that each part supersedes the prior (Allah apparently changes his mind as time passes). In several of the first parts, there were expressions of peace and tolerance for those who had not accepted the tenants of Islam. In the ninth part, all such expressions were wiped away, and war and death to the infidels (or their conversion to Islam) is the only way going forward. But also striking is the concept of deceit - make peace/truce agreements with no intent of keeping them, and then when the moment is right, break the agreement to defeat the "enemy of Islam." This is blessed by Allah. So when John Kerry (or others) broker an agreement with ISIL or others of their ilk, it means nothing but a time to regroup and resupply. I think Israel is beginning to realize this, even if the US leadership is too stupid to learn..
It is not surprising that the school would have a different version supporting the teacher. It is somewhat surprising that no enterprising reporter has interviewed others in the classroom that witnessed the event to get their take.
Good analysis. Perhaps utilities should charge a fixed cost based on the amperage of the service entrance provided and a variable cost for the generation of an incremental KWHr. Solar enthusiasts would then have to pay the fixed cost monthly or install backup generators or batteries (or both). Probably will be a wakeup call to lots of folks. Personally, I think solar is a great way to provide power to off-shore buoys and other remote applications, but overall doesn't make much economic sense. It may intermittently reduce pollution and conserve fuels for future generations.
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Attacking Israel with the Big Lie: Genocide

SamT2 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 7:37 AM
Israel's restraint is admirable from a humanity standpoint, but probably bad strategy. In WWII, the Japanese forces were prepared to fight to the last man, island by island, in the Samurai tradition, which would have cost the US military many thousands of lives. Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did little to neutralize the military, but very quickly convinced the government that this wasn't a war worth continuing. In Germany, fire bombing Dresden and another city was at least partly responsible for coming to terms of German surrender. To paraphrase Goldie Maier, "We will reach peace with Islam when the Islamic mothers love their children more than they hate us." It may ultimately be necessary to show them that this choice is clearly before them.
Several armed police does not provide much protection, since they can be recognized and taken out by a determined nut. But knowing that some number of teachers may be packing would seem a deterrent that could discourage a nut case as well a bring things to a halt before too many children were hurt.
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The Paranoids are Back

SamT2 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 6:52 AM
Mr. Greenberg - hog-wash. Education of a state's children is and must remain the domain of the state
Certainly sounds like an act of war. Surely this helicopter knew it was on the wrong side of the border if it had the technology on-board to shoot at border agents in the dark. Perhaps we should deploy anti-aircraft missiles along the border, keep an active radar search for any aircraft approaching the border and fire when such a crossing occurs. My guess is after one or two such incidents, this attack on our national sovereignty would diminish greatly. A similar treatment should be applied to ground troop invasions.
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The Aged Cheese Stink

SamT2 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 6:34 AM
What amazes me is after thousands of years of aging cheese on wooden planks, and to my knowledge no link to diseases or illnesses caused by such, anyone would do more than laugh at the idiocy of our current government regulators - then vote in representatives to throw the bums out and return to sanity.
This article is pure fiddle-fuddle. Maybe Paul G is jealous that Ann has a following who actually read what she writes.
I do not understand "Put black families first." My impression is in this country all are to be treated equally under the law, no firsts, seconds, or thirds. If black families need a boost, there are charities dedicated to helping those who are in need and show a willingness and dedication to using that help to move forward. The needy part of black community needs to shoulder its part of this responsibility.
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