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The Debate Turned Fight Club

Samshuman11 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 1:47 PM
for the right wing to say that romney did well and looked presidential in this debate is blasphemy. its been headlines for a whole week so far that the moderator sided with obama and ruined this debate. you can tell who won the debate because not one headline on any liberal website is claiming that the moderator ruined the debate. for the romney campaign to claim they won and then lash back at the moderator is nothing nut hypocritical. romney's rhetoric in this debate made him sound factual, but the only thing i got out of this debate was that the conservatives are desperate by blaming the moderator, or bringing up the first debate. please stop listening and start reading between the lines you right wing robot thinkers. or listeners...
I find it funny that the "right wing" is headlining this as a floor part to make the dems look unstable...what happened was no more then a vote on redderick used..it's ironic how just a week ago you had an entire stadium praising the person not even being nominated...Ron Paul not only was praised but the rnc even showed a tribute on him...I don't know if ever in history has a convention showed a tribute video on a losing candidate, you guys are a truly stable party..if Hellen Keller were the judge....if anyone's going to headline this as a floor fight they had better be drinking whiskey...because this was no more then the policy to declare something...Tampa was a floor fight 10 times over this and involving the nominee...
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