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Black and White Standards

samplin Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:20 AM
I don't think that it is a fear of independence but rather misguided loyalty that has been hammered into the minds of these folks since the Great Society of LBJ. Prior to that time Blacks were not quite as solidly in the pocket of the Democrats. They will present a solid front to the country and some behind closed doors are openly critical. The other day I was subjected to hearing Black talk radio. It made Rush look tame. The amount of misinformation I heard in 15 minutes was astounding.
Paul237 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 10:18 AM
How many generations of black people are on the welfare rolls, It is almost impossible for white people to get on welfare. Black people are always screaming slave this and slave that well what they have forgotten is that there were a great many white people that were also slaves.

The Washington Post (10/25/2012), in giving President Barack Obama an endorsement for another four years, wrote, "Much of the 2012 presidential campaign has dwelt on the past, but the key questions are who could better lead the country during the next four years -- and, most urgently, who is likelier to put the government on a more sound financial footing." The suggestion appears to be that a president is not to be held accountable to his promises and past record and that his past record is no indication of his future behavior. Possibly, the Washington Post people believe that a black...