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...and now we can clearly see the Democrat's "War on Women", a Democratic congressional candidate attacking a dying woman for political gain. Hillary would be proud!
Sweet Dos Equis beer drinking Moses, that first picture is, you know, HOT!!
We Conservatives need to respect the Constitution and, simultaneously, prosecute those individuals/groups that violated the law. We need to clean house.
The truth is that so few people actually agree with the Democrats that they feel the imperative need to pack their prospective supporters with Illegal Aliens that they have bribed with welfare payments and free medical care. If Democratic policies were so attractive they wouldn't have to destroy our immigration policies and bribe new arrivals in an attempt to retain power. 2014 will be a massive sea-change for the Dems, they will lose more ground in the House and they will lose the Senate.
Don't waste any energy on Colmes, he would support and defend Joseph Stalin if he had a "D" listed behind his name. He snivels, whines and shrieks every time he is given his prog talking points (IMHO).
The 2014 elections are coming up and the Progs are freakin' because they are going to lose their majority in the Senate and lose further ground in the House. As Conservatives we should make it our duty to listen gleefully as they squeak, snivel and shriek while they circle the drain.
The prime difference between Conservatives and progs is that we want to defeat them while they salivate at the very thought of "destroying" us. They play for blood and body parts.
The progs complain constantly about "The Five" containing only one of their own (Bob Beckel) the same time they constantly complain about "The View" being invaded by a single Conservative.
The only thing Sandra Fluke could "strongly weigh" is her bathroom scale.
I've got a straight-up offer for the Obama Administration, I own some highly rural acreage with a broken down outhouse. They can replace the outhouse with the brand spankin' new Obama Library and I'll donate the land. The problem, of course, is that it will severely lower my property values and that of my neighbors..........
My prediction is that the NRA and other pro-gun organizations will experience an increase in membership after the film makes its debut. The left can't win this one, we already know too much........
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