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Dear Ms. Perry, if it wasn't for people's ability to "choose crappy" things you would be off of the's called freedom of choice.
Chicago is using "virtual statistics" sort of like how they count Obamacare subscribers.
In all honesty it's great to see, in the wake of so much tragedy, that Obama and Biden are still in love with themselves.
"This is the city, Washington D.C., I work here, I carry a badge".
The only "faith" I have in Hillary is that she has, and will, constantly lie through her teeth; and those who vote for her will spend years apologizing and lying for her due to her ineptitude.
To my knowledge Obama has NEVER told us the truth, why should he start now?
Supply and demand my friends, supply and demand. The tighter the gun control laws on the West Coast the more profit Yee and his cronies make in the arms importation business. I wonder how many other progs are in on Yee's business??
The point is this, the Democrats (those who are refusing to resign) are running scared at the vision of a Republican controlled House and Senate that might be backed by the Koch brother's money. They are whipping up the true believers in preparation for the next couple of years. On another issue the most dangerous place in Washington, DC has always been between Schumer and a TV camera.......
...if by "non-partisan" you actually mean Marxist.
.....This just in, in a related story the Imperial Japanese Army is celebrating their success against American forces during World War II....
Well, let's see. How "flexible" can Obama get?? He's stood by when the Crimea blinked out of existence and now the Ukraine is approaching extinction. What, I wonder, is next?
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