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Hillary is either playing politics or pretending not to play politics but either way she is ALWAYS playing politics.
It is absolutely true that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization. It is also true that Coca-Cola isn't in the refreshment business......
It's not unusual for Obama to go abroad when things at home aren't going well.....of course, at this rate, Obama might have to camp out permanently in Mecca or Medina.
As Conservatives we absolutely MUST demand that the Democrats end this horrific "War On Women"! The Progs seem more afraid of their women than do the radical muslims.
Great goin' guys, to win we don't need top hit a ton of homeruns all we need is to manufacture runs and win this blue-collar fashion.
I literally stopped going to JITB after one of their burgers left me puking my guts up. If this sounds like a yummy possibility for you then you clearly won't worry about having no one armed, except a psycho criminal, while in one of their restaurants. Bon Appetit
Everyone is basically, "....dying to interview Hillary Clinton.... Well as far as it goes it's true however Progs want to ask her "if she was a tree what kind of a tree would she be?" while Conservatives want to know about her failure to place Boko Harum on the terrorist watch list, her failure to support her own people in Benghazi and her glaring lack of accomplishments (except for that resoundingly successful Reset Button) as Secretary of State. Since words no longer have any true meaning under the progressives interview techniques, and the questions posed, surely can't presage any differences, right??
Perhaps Planned Parenthood would agree to informing ones partner they have HIV when they are gasping out their last breaths in a hospital bed. You know, "I realize this isn't a convenient time sweetheart but I am HIV positive and maybe we need to take a few precautions"!!
"Rats...Ships" is a nice wry comment, bravo!!! However I prefer the visual of the first male "weasel" on the first lifeboat off of the Titanic.
The "...emails weren't about Benghazi", clearly not true however if the president was a Conservative and the dead victims were Black this debacle would now be all about racism. Since, however, the victims are White and the president a Black Marxist..........
It appears that a case occurred in San Diego/San Diego County and, as is not unusual in California, the state government demanded that this hyper-restrictive law be applied state-wide (It's known as the "Me Too" syndrome). Orange County, which still attempts to maintain an air of sanity, objected to this outrage which masqueraded as an actual law and filed a legal objection which wound up in the 9th Circuit. See, it's simple when you know how!
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