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Hook her up with William Ayers, no need to go to Syria to murder people.....
History major here and when I attended my university's meeting of the "schools" I discovered that history was coupled under the same academic umbrella as Psychology. My university had more than 200 female psychology majors compared to no males and only 2 history majors (me and one other guy, we huddled together for safety).
We've heard of a computer crashing Mr. Earnest, have you heard of prison time for obstruction of a congressional investigation??
Lots of good news on this development, divorce lawyers are going to be doing a landslide business since homosexual divorce is already rampant....and we all know that no homosexual would EVER marry their partner just to get a permanent retirement/divorce check, right??
This is exactly why I LOVE Hillary soooo much, when she is finally elected as America's first woman President it will be just like Obama's third-term in office!! OH JOY!!
Hillary is either playing politics or pretending not to play politics but either way she is ALWAYS playing politics.
It is absolutely true that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization. It is also true that Coca-Cola isn't in the refreshment business......
It's not unusual for Obama to go abroad when things at home aren't going well.....of course, at this rate, Obama might have to camp out permanently in Mecca or Medina.
As Conservatives we absolutely MUST demand that the Democrats end this horrific "War On Women"! The Progs seem more afraid of their women than do the radical muslims.
Great goin' guys, to win we don't need top hit a ton of homeruns all we need is to manufacture runs and win this blue-collar fashion.
I literally stopped going to JITB after one of their burgers left me puking my guts up. If this sounds like a yummy possibility for you then you clearly won't worry about having no one armed, except a psycho criminal, while in one of their restaurants. Bon Appetit
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