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Christians need to take a lesson from the Warsaw Ghetto and pick up a gun and fight for their families.
If ISIS paid taxes Obama would utterly crush them, they wouldn't stand a chance.
Udall voted with Obama (including Obamacare) 98% of the time. Don't be surprised if Cory hangs these brutal facts around Udall's neck like an albatross.
Considerably more female children are aborted than male, this is the real "War on Women"!!
There is a simple solution that worked for both Napoleon and Alexander the Great; it involves a shallow grave, live terrorists, and fresh pig-skins in which to wrap them.....and of course a video camera. I would not make this suggestion if not for the terrorists outrageous brutality, we need to hit them where they live.
That smell in the air is desperation, the Left can't find nearly enough dirt so they are inventing it. Imagine these leftists using this kind of language, it REALLY gives us an insight into what they think about minorities!! Pretty ugly ain't it......
Remember when the media (and Democrats) told Pres. Bush that he had "broken" Iraq and Afghanistan and NOW it was his responsibility to "fix" it?? Has anyone dared to mention this to his majesty? It now must be said, Obama is a pathetic loser and nothing, not the media not the Democratic Party, can change that. We are dealing with a hapless, dull witted, narcissistic empty suit...a Jimmy Carter on steroids.
It must be said so here it is, Obama is a pathetic loser and nothing, no window dressing, no media swooning, nothing will change it. By now the entire world, especially our enemies, knows this however we refuse to acknowledge it. We've got Jimmy Carter on steroids.
The problem is very clear, Amanda Curtis tried to think and went into brain-freeze......sort of like Obama when he goes off of the teleprompter.
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Solution for ISIS: Obliterate Them

Samaritan01 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 5:32 PM
I fear that the only way ISIS will give up violence will be to crush them out of existence so brutally that when their surviving family members even so much as see a picture of a gun they wet their collective pants and begin sucking their know sort of like Democrats today.
Gasoline on a matter how innocent the the officer Holder will find have him tried and convicted on some type of federal civil rights violation. This particular decked is stacked heavily in favor of the race-pimps......
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