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Well, let's see. How "flexible" can Obama get?? He's stood by when the Crimea blinked out of existence and now the Ukraine is approaching extinction. What, I wonder, is next?
WOW!!!! And I thought the Conservatives were in total disarray and that the Progs had their act completely together?? Is it possible that the MSM has been lying to us? Say it isn't so!
Clearly the Progs are happily engaged in a "War on the Disabled'!!
There is absolutely NO surprise on this one. When the progressives (Marxists, National-Socialists, etc.) were pushing for power in the 20th century they demanded social acceptance and flexibility, after they gained power they actually outlawed any change whatsoever. Sound familiar??
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Obama Must Go

Samaritan01 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 12:28 PM
No one is mentioning the very frightening, and obvious, possibility that Obama might have supported the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Does anyone recall the hot mike statement of Obama when he told the Russian representative, "I'll have more flexibility AFTER the election"?? Perhaps the invasion, and Obama's weak response, is an example of his flexibility.
Hitler did the same thing with French ships when took France in WWII. I wonder if the Ukrainians will ignore this threat as quickly as did the Russians did with Obama's weak, insipid "red-line" threat?
Didn't Obama send a message to Putin that he would have more flexibility after the election?? I guess the time for the big pay-off has arrived.
If DeBlasio gives New Yorkers no choice then abject failure becomes the accepted norm and he then looks successful for delivering what becomes the expected outcome.....failure. Congrats, 1984 has finally arrived.
Steinem dreams of actual, strong women however isn't she the one who slept with a financier so that she could start a magazine?? Of course feminists would call that "Owning your womanhood" however when you sell your womanhood it actually belongs to someone else, doesn't it....
The Democratic Party fears a American voters, they know that if they must rely strictly on Americans they can't win. This is the party that buys votes, allows dead people to vote and opens our borders to illegals simply to hold power. Tell me again how "popular" they are now?
...and now we can clearly see the Democrat's "War on Women", a Democratic congressional candidate attacking a dying woman for political gain. Hillary would be proud!
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