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Well, geez....the incompetent thing worked for Obama didn't it??
Why don't these Blue State voting machines EVER "calibrate" in favor of the Republican??
Wait until after the election, Obama will utilize his executive amnesty power to release Mumia Abu Jamal.
This would be a GREAT idea if they were being into the White House....or perhaps Obama's post-presidential neighborhood. Of course Ebola is so lethal that, original locale or not, this might happen anyway. if gays weren't confused enough already.
Mark Udall is a world-class cheeseburger, he voted for Obama 99% of the time and then had the gall to say he was the administration's biggest opponent. Cheeseburger thy name is Udall.
Isn't it interesting? If gun owners were treated like ISIS they would first give them a harsh warning and then begin taking our steak knives, baseball bats, dangerous cars/trucks and then proceed to our guns. Clearly California gun owners are far more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.
How is it that Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of everything? Pro-Islamist, pro-abortion, pro-communist, pro-educational indoctrination, pro-immorality and the list goes on and on. Damn shame.
"These aren't the facts you are looking for, you don't want to know how far Left Orman actually is" "Move On, move on" Thank you Obi-Wan.
"Obama skips his intelligence briefings"?? C'mon, you're making this way too easy!! Seriously.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Samaritan01 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 11:36 AM
A few things to consider: 1. Obama can pardon any/all criminals (Holder, Mumia al Jamal, etc.) he wants...remember he "has a phone and a pen". 2. Obama needs a candidate for Justice Ginsburg's seat (**Cough**Holder**Cough**).
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