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Obama became president because, in part, he hated the dishonesty of the United States government. Congratulations Barack, you have become a grotesque parody of what you hate.
IMHO the debate about who is the worst president in American history is now beyond debate. What remains to be calculated and debated is exactly who is the worst leader, worldwide, in the history of mankind. After all how many leaders took a functioning nation and destroyed it in detail?
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Samaritan01 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 8:05 PM
For decades Conservatives have chafed under the Watergate title used to support any hair-brained leftist scheme. Today we have an opportunity, we have the Obama/Gruber scandal and we need a way to combine their names and attach them to any, and all, leftist scandals. My first submission will be "Ogruberizing". Any other ideas??
...not to mention all of those undocumented and/or dead voters who showed up for the Dems.
Willie Sutton used to say that he robbed banks because that's where the money was. For the Democrats to complain about voter fraud (against their candidate) is like Willie Sutton complaining that someone robbed his personal bank. Dems are the past masters of voter fraud and everyone knows it.
Remember when his majesty stated that we were days away from"fundamentally changing" America? Well, we are now "days away from fundamentally kicking his a*% up between his ears. Now all we need to do is relentlessly push free enterprise plans until their socialist schemes rattle apart.
It all depends on turnout and only the Democrats are so popular that the dead show up to vote for them. Just yesterday I saw Democrats lined up to vote and it looked like a video shoot for the Michael Jackson video "Thriller".
Well, geez....the incompetent thing worked for Obama didn't it??
Why don't these Blue State voting machines EVER "calibrate" in favor of the Republican??
Wait until after the election, Obama will utilize his executive amnesty power to release Mumia Abu Jamal.
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