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Govt backs off new limits on child labor on farms

sam allen Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 10:52 AM
"They will save lives and preserve the health of farm children so they can grow up to be farmers," said Reid Maki, the CLC coordinator. "The department should implement them as soon as possible." What farm families asked you for your help establishing the preserving the lives of their kids? I bet none. This is nanny statism pure and simple. Someone else thinks they know better than me when my kids should be able to work for their grandpa or uncle and what tractors or loads I should let them drive. Frankly, I was going to ignore the rules anyway without any guilt, but I am glad they were stopped regardless. How much wrong is done in the name of doing something good? Someone completely removed from the situation want to make rules that...

Under heavy pressure from farm groups, the Obama administration said Thursday it would drop an unpopular plan to prevent children from doing hazardous work on farms owned by anyone other than their parents.

The Labor Department said it is withdrawing proposed rules that would ban children younger than 16 from using most power-driven farm equipment, including tractors. The rules also would prevent those younger than 18 from working in feed lots, grain bins and stockyards.

While labor officials said their goal was to reduce the fatality rate for child farm workers, the proposal had become a popular political target for Republicans who called...

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