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10 Ways Husbands Can Ruin Their Marriage

sam allen Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 11:44 AM
Very sad statement, "who cares that you need a woman to help you get it up" What would you recommend other than a woman or better than a wife. What he is saying is a real live wife is much better than some pictures on a screen or even revolving relationships. The truth is in a sex obsessed culture, long-term married couples generally have the most satisfying sex life, because it is not just about pleasure. Sex is about true intimacy and caring for the other person, and good sex flows out of good relationship. It is very unlikely that Fred's wife would initiate sex unless they had a good relationship. PS. I have been married 14 years and also have a very satisfying loving relationship with my wife that includes very enjoyable sex.

Dudes, if you want to destroy your marriage say and do the following.

1. When busted flirting with another woman say, “Honey, I don’t like her. I’m just chatting with her on facebook.”

2. After she unloads her heart to you, lower your Guns & Ammo magazine and say, “I’m sorry. What were you talking about?”

3. Act like a shriveled hamster during difficult times and say, “Sometimes, I feel so scared and so alone.”

4. Hit her with this one… “Now listen babe. I know our son needs brain surgery but this bear hunt is the opportunity of a lifetime.”