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how sweet, the mentally ill supporting the other mentally ill people.
if i remember correctly wasn't Reagan behind in the polls to Carter a week before the election? ( and we all know how that ended up ) People can say whatever they want when being polled, but when it comes down to casting their vote in the booth, sometimes they don't always vote the way that they said they would.
just goes to show you how dumb the democrats are.
and if anyone is surprised by their actions, just look at who they are and where they stand. i like how in the letter they say that Holder stopped fast and furious, it was because his a$$ got caught you Black Caucus idiots.
holder will just say that they are doing this because he is black and the president will blame bush
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Mitt's Hat Trick

sam144 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 10:58 PM
poor rick. there is no way to win now, not that he really ever had a chance anyway. he should just drop out, if he doesn't, he is just in it for his own self gratification.
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