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Does anyone else think she looks like Mrs. Doubtfire?
Liberals like sex alright: frontwards, backwards, with animals, with children, women w women, men w men, pills, kill it, teach it, preach it....
I'm a conservative and I never liked someone touching my baby bump. Men and women!
I don't like shutting down the government, but how else to stop Obama's spending?
Keep Democrats from conducting voter fraud to win. These people are so corupt as we can see by what the Obama administration enacts.
Finally, the RNC is listening to the public. I've stopped watching those stations that show favors to the Democrats. We don't need to see Republican candidates on NBC or CNN - ever!
Now that her school food program has failed, she thought she would try gun control.
I've been waiting for my employer to tell me my little cross necklace is offensive and to take it off.
I am a substitute teacher and I tell you that the hugging is getting out of hand. It becomes rubbing up against bodies and especially with the girls, lots of hugging hello and goodbye with their friends in the hallways. Back in the day when I was in high school, we couldn't even hold hands. I think we had a better climate for a positive and healthy school experience. As far as the birthday inviitation ban goes - that's BS.
I would pick Sarah Palin over Karl Rove anyday anytime. You go girl (that is Sarah)!
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