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If they do vote for Obama, they can no longer claim "conscientious"....their new title will be "flaming" liberal. After everything we know about Obama and his dismal record, disastorous FP, and dividing us into class, race and gender wars...usurping the Constitution, what person WITH a good conscience can vote for this loser again??
It seems their strategy is dodge and weave until after the election. I agree with your astute assesment ;)
ALL American's environments depend on a "strong economy". Our future freedom depends on a strong economy. At this critical junction in our history when facing a financial cliff that will weaken and impoverish the country in so many ways. When we are again facing vicious enemies. The economy and security trump fantasy womens issues! You would think this would be a no brainer! Of course, "individual selfishness" has become our new value system. When did we lose our American values of liberty, freedom,small govt, personal responsibility and defending the Constitution with our lives if necessary?? Do not let Socialist Obama have four more yrs to divide and destroy us. One for all and all for America!!
There is a very informative Benghazi panel discussion on Heritage (2hrs). We should have not been there in the first place. Months ahead of attack many warnings,attacks, and threats ignored. The deaths are truly a horrible tragedy that was preventable...but competence was absent. Also brings in to question if America destabilized Libya by falling for an Arab Spring RUSE. The lying by this President and the media to the people is also indicative of a sociopath's dictatorship.
Obama and Hillary threw Amb. Stevens in a rattlesnake pit and told him to pretend it is a petting zoo. Stay there and be the last flag standing and....opps dam bumps in the road. This tragedy is indicative of Obama's FAILED foreign policy and his incompetence as POTUS. Seriously, Obama didn't think the American people would find it despicable when he blew off the tragedy while he continued his campaign trail parties to Vegas and TV land. To me, that is how a sociopath dictator would act!!
My late father-in-law so admired John Sununu.....he used to love to repeat his favorite Sununu quote Sununu would use when frustrated with stupidity "Come back and see me when you know what you are talking about"..... I wish "the Dude" could be here to see his favorite politician rip into these traitors!
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