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Where to Adjust, Where to Stand Firm

sahlberg Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 2:31 PM
Republicans should pretty much agree to whatever the Democrats want, but only after first getting the Democrats on the record as to what they expect the results will be. Regarding tax raises, for instance, projections for revenue growth and whatever other improvements they may be touting. Then, as a condition of their approval, Republicans should insist that in the same bill should be a repeal of the tax increases if the results are not as promised. This same tactic should be employed over and over again when dealing with the grandiose schemes of the Democrats. If they refuse to go along, they will be admitting that their promised results are nothing but pie in the sky.

The proper path for the Republican party lies somewhere between changing our entire agenda and standing steadfastly on everything. Opinions will differ on the best way forward, as we have seen in the week and a half since the sucker punch of Election Day.

Most conservatives seem to be coping well. We spent a lot of time during the campaign wondering if America as we recognize it would survive a second Obama term. Ever the pragmatists, we now seem committed to doing our part to minimize the damage.

But as we seek to mitigate the harmful effects of...