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Should U.S. Back the Party of Lawyers?

sahlberg Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 9:14 AM
If legislatorst would do the honorable thing and recuse themselves and not vote on matters where they had a conflict of interest, the domination of our political system by lawyers would end. Every issue that complicates our lives with greater rules and regulations enriches lawyers and thereby creates an obvious conflict of interest for any lawyer-legislator. If they were honest, they would recuse themselves on so many votes that there would be no point in their holding office.
Editor's note: This piece originally appeared in THE DAILY BEAST.

The Democrats who gathered in Charlotte tried to cast themselves as the party of working people, or of struggling middle-class families, or of aggrieved and downtrodden Americans in every corner of the economy. In presidential politics, however, a more accurate designation would identify the Dems as the party of lawyers: with the re-nomination of Obama and Biden, all six available spots on the last three national tickets have gone to working attorneys.

Reaching all the way back to 1980, 14 of 18 Democratic nominations for president and vice president...