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Oh, this principle predates the Soviets by 1000s of years. But in the 20th century it was refined and elevated. Fridtjof Nansen won the 1923 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in population transfer.
"Well, maybe... I believe that we should not punish the Palestinians because the Jodanians and/or the Syrians and/or the Egyptians tried to conquer Israel. That is more the level at which I see us in the West committing the "they're all alike" error. " Ah, so you agree that to you all "Palestinians" are the same. As you throw them all into the same bucket. A Druze is not the as an Arab from Hebron. They don't have the same religion, food, traditions, or liniage. Neither the Bedouins. Neither to a large degree the Gazans. Multi Culturalist ? LOL
Total male bovine digestive excreta. In the beginning of 1948 the British controlled both sides of the Suez canal. This was their gateway to their vast business interestes in the far east. For their own economic survival Briton felt the need to keep control in that neighborhood. All that other stuff are just verious excuses to hide their real desires. This also led to the 1956 war for the canal. Briton felt economically threatened by a newly independent Egypt controling their jugular vein. And the convinced the Israeli's and the French that it was in their best interestes to help... typical British.
yes... and it was successful in that it bought some (if only temporary) peace and quiet.
Well, i blame the Germans for making the British war weary and bankrupt. As for the British "trying to work out a two-state solution" ROFLMAO. The British modus operandi was to create a division in the local population, even if this required moving peoples around and/or importing non-locals to establish a moderately balanced but deadly division. Then they had to stay to keep the "locals" from killing each other... it was part of the white man's burden... and the English profit.
Very good point ! So we should also stop speaking of "The Palestinians" as if they were all identical clones or something. There are Bedouin. There are Druze. There are Christian Arabs, sorry "were" as most of these have been scared off. There are pre WW-1 Muslims. There are between WW-1 and WW-2 Muslims. There are post WW-2 Muslims.
Sounds plausible... ok, then from whom did Israel wrest this territory ?
No "RyanM" is the one getting stupid here. Large chucks of that land was actually purchased. The entire Gush Etzion settlement block was purchased around 1915. Parts of the Jordan Valley were purchased. The Mount Carmel mini peninsula was purchased. Half the Golan Heights was purchased. the list goes on.
lets see... in 1948 Israel's only defined border was the sea. and lot of lines that the Arabs insisted where to be called "armistice lines" and definitely not borders.
Not true! (then who would they beat on?)
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