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Barack Obama: Weapon of Mass Distraction

Sagebrush6 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 12:01 PM
Immigration Pushes Welfare Spending Over $1 Trillion More than a quarter of the $1 trillion spent on welfare in the United States goes directly to the households of immigrants. And two out of three jobs created in the last four years went to immigrants. Those are jobs that would lift Americans out of poverty, and reduce welfare spending still more. Instead, just last month, the unemployment rate among black Americans rose to 14 percent. The problem isn't only illegal immigration: Most legal immigrants use at least one welfare program. The problem is simply too much immigration. In fact, while many illegal immigrants have gone home since the start of the recession, the number of legal immigrants in America continues to explode. Some immigr

President Obama's latest news conference was further confirmation that his voracious appetite for spending was not satisfied but whetted by the fiscal cliff deal, which he views as an appetizer.

We were told that the GOP achieved a coup in the fiscal cliff negotiations because they lured Obama into an agreement to lock in the Bush tax rates except for the highest-income earners. Never mind that Obama agreed to no spending cuts or entitlement reform after demanding a "balanced approach" to deficit reduction; they told us he'd be forced to address those matters in a couple of months in the debt ceiling...