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Oooooohhh, a nasty mouth Pauliac skinhead ta boot aren't you Ryan? Here, let me help you calm down before you pop a vessel.... Homosexual, Homosexual, Homosexual, Homosexual Did ya get your cookies? Or just another thrill up your leg? LOL!!
Thanks for answering my curiosity Ryan, you little chocolate pole smoker! LOL!
Kevlar you may not, but I will take every opportunity I get to ridicule these nation destroying, dope smoking, radical right winged Ron Paul worshiping skinheads. If you'll do just a little study of the modern era libertarian and a modern era libturd, I think you can see the differences are paper thin. The ultimate goal of both is to destroy the America I was born in and raised to love as built. The ultimate goal of each: libturds seek to replace the USA with the United Soviet Socialist Republica of America (USSRA). libertarians seek to replace the USA with the, 330 Million Individual Fiefdoms of America.(No Acronym)
Ryan, why is it then folks such as yourself, Speedster, and Bill are the kinds who seem to get such a thrill up your legs over being given any opportunity to offer the term..... Homosexual, Homosexual, Homosexual.... Did you just jiz your panties with the thought? Ryan, are you a chocolate pole smoker, or a Pauliac? Like I've said many times before, it's often very difficult to recognize the subtle difference between a radical right winged neo-libturd Skinhead, and a radical left winged neo-libturd Obutthole worshiper.
"just won"? Why am I not surprised.....Since all of you Pauliacs have long provided clear evidence of just how slow of wit you truly are. BTW, you radical right wing nation destroying neo-libturd Pauliacs wouldn't know the term "neocon" even if one were to fall on your friggin head.
I was listening to the Iowa Republican governor a few minutes ago and he really offered a campaign attack ad Mittens should grab hold of for sure.... Given all of the states surrounding Illinoise who are doing really good relative to Illinoise because they have Republican governors.... The Iowa Governor points out how Illinoise is continuing to fall behind, because they continue to following the Obama Plan of raising taxes and increased spending (BTW: my spelling isn't always as bad as is demonstrated above). :-)
You both need to find yourselves new dope peddlers, cause the sh!t you smoking is causing you to be stupid. Of course Speedster has been smoking the same bad dope for some time now.
Whatever it takes to get you left winged pinko un-American POS to tuck tail and flee is just fine with me.
BastiatWashington Wrote: 49 minutes ago (11:21 AM) StaleAdvice - Winston's not here... You're so stupid you don't realize that you already figured out who I was several months ago - DerricktheRed aka Scarlet Pimpernel aka Harry Flashman aka Speedicut. And you still post nothing of importance except your gay fantasies. ------------------- Yo Speedster, I can't help it.....Cause you and your radical right winged neo-libturd Pauliac suckbuddy Winnie look so damn much alike. LOL!!
And you sir are a skin headed radical right winged swastika wearing anti-zionist like Winston. You un-American POS, got let Winston blow you.
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