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Polls: All Tied Up, With Emerging Romney Advantages

SageAdvice68 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 7:12 PM
At this point in the election, "TIED" in the polls is about as believable as were these 7.8% unemployment numbers. The Crapheads are using every dollar they can launder in here from overseas to buy as many faux votes as they can. These number put me in mind of stories I heard about Adolf Hitler during the last few days of the war.....He stayed hunkered down in that bunker looking kind of the way Barack Obutthole looked last Wed evening behind that lectern. Hitler supposedly kept moving all these faux Armies around on a fictitious battle field.

Many of us assumed Mitt Romney would earn a considerable polling bounce following his debate victory last week.  Early indications were that the Republican made a splash in some key swing states, and now it looks as though a national bounce has emerged.  The question is whether this phenomenon represents a flash in the pan or a more lasting shift in public opinion.  Let's examine three new polls and see what conclusions we might be able to draw:

(1) Rasmussen - The race is tied, 48/48, among likely voters.  For those Americans who are locked...