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Obama: Yeah, Probably Shouldn't Have Criticized Paul Ryan So Harshly

SageAdvice68 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 12:51 PM
My eldest daughter this weekend after I said something about Mitt Romney, she suddenly pounces on her old Daddy about how she has no use for Mitt Romney or any Republicans for that matter....I gotta admit this one caught me completely off guard. I finally settled her down enough to ask, does this mean you're going to vote for Obutthole, a Libertarians, or just set this one out....To which she responded, "Of course I won't vote for Obutthole, but I don't know yet about the last two." To which I ended it all with, "I disavow thee, I disavow thee, I disavow thee as my daughter, just like the Crapheads disavowed God thrice last week!" She didn't think this was at all funny, Just as I saw no humor in the Crapheads disavowing God!
katepatate Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 3:45 PM
I see this election dividing friends, family and at times even husbands and wives. How did we get so divided? I believe because it has been a concerted effort by the Democrats to separate us all. A house divided will fall and unless we come together and work to save this wonderful country we will be living in hell on earth in a few years. Obama looks at all of us as separate groups that should vote for him.

In an interview with ABC News last night, President Obama admitted that he shouldn't have criticized Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan as harshly as he his face anyway. 

President Obama said it was a "mistake" to criticize Paul Ryan and his budget proposal as strongly as he did during a speech in April 2011.

During that speech, in which Ryan sat in the front row of the audience at George Washington University, Obama specifically called out the House Budget Committee chairman's controversial budget reform proposal. Obama said that the plan painted "a vision...